First try
The most recent Instagram photos

I’ve written before about being creative with your smart phone. This weekend I’ve been experimenting with using the photo app Instagram. Above all it’s a community, much like but on your phone. You snap a photo, choose one of the filters to apply to it (to change the colours of your photo to make it look vintage, sharp or dreamy etc.), then write a title/headline and upload it to save it.

And while I love my photos from our Midsummer weekend, I find that the writing and uploading steps are very much interfering with my creative process when I am photographing. It stops me and I don’t like that. The fact that you have to type a title and upload before you can snap your next photo is not ideal to me. But still, the grid of photos on the phone is making my heart happy! Just look:

Instagramin' at midsummer

Waterfall x 2

I am in love with the square format of the photos, and how easy it is to share them online, to tweet your own photos and look at others awesome images. But I highly dislike that you can’t change the titles after you’ve posted them, or add a description afterwards. With my account at flickr I’m so spoiled that I can choose to set who can see what on each uploaded photo. I really like that feature and miss it on instagram, as well as getting the html-code to share it on my blog…

On my smart phone I use the app Vignette all the time (daily). I like that the setting of frame and filter are separate, which it’s not on Instagram. On vignette (as you can see) I use the same frame on all my photos but different filters. It makes them more united and coherent.

But still, I very much enjoyed the instagram weekend. And as you can see it was a good weekend.

iHanna's Instagrams June 2012

A weekend of waterfalls, ice cream, strawberries, beautiful views, flower picking, pattern collecting, embroidery, driving, lots of rain and some sunshine, lakes, fishing, forests, and more.

Now I want to print me some stickers [via Gala]. How about you? You can also create an instagram badge for your blog sidebar! Share your photos!

Collecting Flowers & patterns on Instagram

Note: I have created an account and used the Instagram app on someone else’s phone. Instagram is now availible to android users (like me) but of course my phone is too old (two years now) for this app, so I can’t install it myself. Hence I will not post photos to my account, but if you want to follow me I’m iHannas (with an s) on Instagram.

On the road

I’ve also created a rss feed for my photos via gramfeed. I highly recommend you to do that too! In this way I can view beautiful instagram photos how ever I want, when ever I want. And I’m a sucker for beautiful photography!