Graffiti in Sweden

  • Sometimes I’m still that little girl – awesome photo idea at the flickr blog. Take a photo of yourself today and let’s see how you’ve grown, changed or stayed the same since you were that little girl…
  • Literary Magazine – new site about Swedish books and authors – in English! Awesome, you’ve got to check it out! Then let me know what Swedish authors you will enjoy this summer.
  • If you’re curious about what I’ve read and read you can be my friend at Goodreads. I just joined, and now I have my own author profile too. Yay!
  • Wanna know what the New York people read on the subway? Check out the site Underground New York Public Library! Pretty cool. [via]
  • Zickerman’s guide to Stockholm – unfortunatelly it’s written in Swedish, but if you’re visiting maybe you could use it anyway, because my guide is outdated. But of course, these days there are apps for everything.
  • Some street art that inspired me to share one of my graffiti photos (above) today. Love me some colours!