Weekly inspiration: Stockholm and Swedish authors

Graffiti in Sweden

  • Sometimes I’m still that little girlť – awesome photo idea at the flickr blog. Take a photo of yourself today and let’s see how you’ve grown, changed or stayed the same since you were that little girl…
  • Literary Magazine – new site about Swedish books and authors – in English! Awesome, you’ve got to check it out! Then let me know what Swedish authors you will enjoy this summer.
  • If you’re curious about what I’ve read and read you can be my friend at Goodreads. I just joined, and now I have my own author profile too. Yay!
  • Wanna know what the New York people read on the subway? Check out the site Underground New York Public Library! Pretty cool. [via]
  • Zickerman’s guide to Stockholm – unfortunatelly it’s written in Swedish, but if you’re visiting maybe you could use it anyway, because my guide is outdated. But of course, these days there are apps for everything.
  • Some street art that inspired me to share one of my graffiti photos (above) today. Love me some colours!

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  1. OH-MY… that Flickr ‘little girl’ link/group is AWESOME!! I love the idea! Gonna find me a photo and try this some time soon…

  2. Lovely links! BTW, my husband and I will be visiting Stockholm and Gothenburg (Göteborg) next April. I saw (and bookmarked!) your Stockholm guide; are you at all familiar with Gothenburg? Anything we simply must not miss? Thanks!

  3. There is something so sweet and maybe a little melancholic about the “Sometimes I’m still that little girl” project. I think I’d like to try it myself. And I had such a great time scrolling through the photos of the Underground New York Public Library…loved it! Thanks for the links.

  4. These are some great links, thanks!

    I moved to Sweden about a year ago and because of work I barely get the chance to explore Stockholm/Sweden (I did use your old guide back in the days!).
    In a few weeks I’ve got a week off work and a friend is visiting, so I’ll make a list based on the to-sees mentioned in your post ;)

  5. Hanna, this is so great. I love that you offer so many links. I often lose track while I’m trying to follow them! And that’s great! It would be awful it there were not enough links and I ran out of inspiration.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take a cruise which will stop off at Stockholm. Not sure if we’ll go with that option or if we’ll just take our own trip to Scandinavia, which is more costly but will allow me to see what I want for as long as I want. I’m so looking forward to it. Maybe my smart phone will be working perfectly for me by then!!

  6. Delighted to learn that you are doing reviews for Goodreads. May I suggest a book for you to read? It’s called “Other Waters” by Eleni N. Gage. It’s about a young woman who is juggling two cultures, one as an American doctor and the other as the daughter of a doting family from India. Warm, funny and about following your dreams.

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