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Weekly Inspiration: Layer Cakes

Weekly Inspiration: Layer Cakes

Fresh flowers makes me happy. There are some Snowdrops trying to get into the sunshine outside my house, but they look so sad with all the ice surrounding them still… Where is spring? Spring, oh, where art thou? I stayed in a lot this week. Read. Surfed. Painted. These are some of the most recent […]

Weekly Inspiration: Papercuts & a Postca

Weekly Inspiration: Papercuts & a Postcard Video

Above you see artist Jane Davies making painted and collaged postcards! It’s this very video that got me inspired with my own postcards for the swap this year (I will post about that next week). I adore the way she shares her own art – and how she does it! She makes it look effortless […]

Weekly Inspiration: Pale like Ice

Weekly Inspiration: Pale like Ice

Happy February sweet ones! It’s the #valentinemonth – yay! Now, I would like to know: what inspires you? This is what I’m inspired by right now: unusual self-portraits; the pale blue colour of ice, sky, ocean and snow; tiny notebooks; collections of little things; work tables (messy or extremely neat) and worn, wooden table tops; […]

Weekly Inspiration: New Paths

Weekly Inspiration: New Paths

Favorite (new) word of the week: saunter The Science of Storytelling – Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains Podcast: the Truth about Entrepreneurship [via] – Curated texts kind of like pinterest… I think it might be something interesting but not really getting the whole concept yet though […]

Weekly inspiration: Street art and a Dal...

Weekly inspiration: Street art and a Dala Horse on the loose

A horse paste-up, decorated like a traditional dalahäst – it’s fantastic, don’t you think? Perhaps made by TED talker Shai Dahan… And, for your enjoyment, some more inspiration: Shai Dahan at TEDx G๖teborg – awesome talk by a graffiti artist, about the power of art [found via gatukonst] I would like to make a blog […]

Weekly Inspirations: Free Form Quilting

Weekly Inspirations: Free Form Quilting

I online-obsess over one or other crafts at times. You know, when you get all obsessed with one craft and can’t stop thinking about it? Does this every happen to you? At times it’s been all about knitting; then I remember to log onto Ravelry, visit Knitty’s new patterns and bookmark stuff I wish I […]

Weekly Inspirations: Adventures and Craz...

Weekly Inspirations: Adventures and Crazy Dreams

I’m gonna live a crazy dream, Impossible as it may seem, Doesn’t matter what the future brings, I’m gonna live a crazy dream. […] And maybe I’m just a little girl, A little girl with great big plans… /Mindy Gledhill Found this song The whole wide world with Mindy Gledhill via Linda this week and […]

Weekly inspiration: the busy box & fun t

Weekly inspiration: the busy box & fun tutorials

Last couple of times I looked the Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker was broken, but now it’s working again and I’ve made another mosaic called Mosaic Inspiration August 2012. It’s September time and I think it’s going to be a pretty creative month! Here are a few other things that’s inspiring me right now: Meet […]

Weekly inspiration: new e-zine and month...

Weekly inspiration: new e-zine and monthly goal setting

A jar of dirty water, and some must-check-out links for you to enjoy this Sunday… &stitches Issue 3 – new issue of the embroidery e-zine &stitches – this time it’s all about Oriental inspiraton. And I’m in it (again!), this time with my first sisha experiment. I think there is a lot of cool inspiration […]

Weekly inspiration: Stockholm and Swedis...

Weekly inspiration: Stockholm and Swedish authors

Sometimes I’m still that little girl – awesome photo idea at the flickr blog. Take a photo of yourself today and let’s see how you’ve grown, changed or stayed the same since you were that little girl… Literary Magazine – new site about Swedish books and authors – in English! Awesome, you’ve got to check […]