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Inspiration Mosaic August 2012

Last couple of times I looked the Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker was broken, but now it’s working again and I’ve made another mosaic called Mosaic Inspiration August 2012. It’s September time and I think it’s going to be a pretty creative month!

Here are a few other things that’s inspiring me right now:

More links on my Inspirations link page! There’s a link to a tutorial on how to crochet your hexagons as make them plus some interesting articles I enjoyed this week. I hope you find something that interests you!

I’m trying to find cloth inspiration today, but it doesn’t look like any bright ideas are coming up right now. I’ve signed up for a little something (for one month to start with) and we’ll see if it leads me on a path I can follow.

Be well and happy September!

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  1. Wow, Hanna…so much for me to look at here. Thanks for keeping me busy. The links on your inspiration mosaic alone have taken me some time to get through…good stuff!

  2. Oh, do you not LOVE Emily’s pages?! I am putting mandalas on my list, right now. (That list that I forgot to put the paper piecing book covers on, remember?)

  3. Hanna – I saw this blog entry several weeks ago during a very foggy moment – I cannot believe I didn’t thank you profusely for including my mandala journal on your inspiration links. You are such a sweetie – thank you very much!!! Ever since I found your blog last year with your postcard swap you have been a great inspiration to me!! Thank you:)

    • Emily, thanks for coming back and commenting too. I adore your journals and is amazed by how many beautiful mandalas you produce each week as I see them “coming alive” on instagram. Impressive and inspiring! Thank YOU!

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