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I kid you not, but I actually still love to do craft. I have a knitting project, a hexagon project and a few embroidery ideas here for sure, but most of all a whole slew of paper craft projects going on. It’s just not visible in the blog right now. Once my knitting project is finished, I will take photos and show you the wonders of it I promise.

I would love to sew more, marble, wood work and cook something up in the kitchen, hence a link collection for inspiration was curated and set up. It’s a small one, with only five great ideas – but all of them worth checking out if you ask me. I hope you find something new and fun that you want to try.

Let’s check the pretty craft ideas by others out today while I drink my coffee…

Five pretty craft ideas to try

  1. Tutorial: Super-Duper Easy Way to Face a Quilt
    A tutorial by Silly-Boo-Dilly Victoria on how shes faces a quilt (Or: How to Sew a Non-Binding Binding). Facing a quilt is a way to bind your quilt without having the binding show on the front. I want to try this method if I ever make another quilt!
  2. Marbling with Nail Polish – Tutorial
    Did you know you can do marbling with Nail Polish? Carla Sonheim shows this trick in a short video tutorial on how she tried marbling with nail polish. I’m thinking: it’s time to clean the bathroom from all those tiny bottles of sticky, icky nail polish I never use…
  3. DIY Wood Hexagon Coasters
    Every time I see a fun wood craft project I think of my friend Maria who is a woodwork teacher and awesome crafter. I also wish I had a more readily available access to a wood work studio, especially one equipped with a machine saw for making little figures (and coasters!) in wood. Wood is full of potential and it’s so much fun to work with when you have the time and room for it.
  4. Tutorial for DIY Bath Bombs
    Kim Werker calls them bath fizzies, and her post really inspires me and makes me want to make these for myself and all my friends! If only I had a bigger kitchen…
  5. Vintage Linen Bunting Tutorial
    When I came upon this post about how to make an Antique Embroidered Garland I had to bookmark it – and swoon. This is eye candy, and would invite me down into my thrifted stash of cute vintage “stuff”…

I also think that you should check out my most recent review of Diane Gilleland’s sewing book All one point and perhaps leave me a comment or two. Or if sewing is not your thing, there are a lot of craft ideas in the archive. A lot. No pressure though, I know you’re busy. But today I ask myself: when shall we do any of all these wonderful crafts that we save for later – if not now, when it’s a summer weekend full of ever lasting time?

By the way, do you like my 3-color-summer-nails? They make me so happy.

Be well.

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    • Ja, visst är de? Lite din stil tycker jag, men doppade i rosa neon skulle de passa bra hos mig… Gör du så målar jag! ;-)

    • Thanks for the comment Kaishon! Let me know if you try it out, I’d love to know if it’s as easy as it looked on the video… :-)

  1. I love bunting and happened to buy some pretty vintage linens recently at the thrift store. Sounds like the makings of a lovely project! Thanks for the idea and your nail polish shines with summertime fun.

  2. Busy time in the atelier overhere and blue skies and the beach + waves lure me outside every free moment… ohmy, I don’t have time to dive into another project. The links are tempting enough but I won’t click them… I spend too much time at the computer already today but I just had to come over to say hi to you – it has been too long… hope you have a great Sunday/Summer Hanna! And yes please, do marble with nail polish (and show the results) I let you experiment with it and watch the results then… you never know, I might have time in the fall to try it myself then.

    • Thanks Marit, thanks for leaving me a comment and checking in. I’m reading your summer series too, but don’t think I’ve left any comments for a while. But yeah, the nail polish marbeling thing is on my to-try-list on a day when it rains…

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