Inspirations that wow and pop and zing

Internet is full of inspirational things. Everywhere I look these days I find inspiration. The idea of this blog is to inspire you too, and that is why I like to share what inspires me! Most of the time by sharing what I do, see and plan in my own creative life. But somtimes by linking to great content, tutorials and craft projects – blog posts that simply rock. Here are five quick craft ideas that I’d like to try one day. How about you?

  • Stained letterpress block
    Five minute projects, who doesn’t love those? Super simple DIYs that really take the time it takes to buy supplies. Fun idea by Elise Blaha.
  • Make Your Own Bookcloth
    If you were attending Bookbinding University, you already know techniques like How to make a Text Block, How to make a Composition Notebook, How to make a Hardback Journal Cover and Perfect Binding. Lots to watch/learn about book binding!
  • 15 Favorite 30-Minute Meals
    I hate playing around in the kitchen! So when someone else does the trial-error and tells me about it, I am very grateful. I need to try all of these, and also One Pot Pasta!
  • Plastic bag printmaking
    A fun, quick and easy to-do mixed media project, by the always fabulous Alisa Burke. Including video inspiration, love that. Doesn’t it look like a lot of fun?
  • Notebook Cover in Patchwork style
    A quick mixed media project by Mou. I love altering book covers and have done something similar myself. For this you need gesso, Gel medium, Glaze, Gelatos (I don’t have those but I will try crayons), and some patterned papers. Yum!

I hope you feel inspired to do fun, creative projects of your own! Maybe these, or some other craft projects you have been longing to get your hands dirty with? I wish you luck, and a great week!

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