I have been known to say that “power over the mind” is one thing I’d really wish more of, probably because of the debate that is going on inside my head all the time. Some more willpower would just enable me to act without thinking too much of pros and cons (sometimes until it’s to late to act). Does this ever happen to you?

One little word 2014 | Willpower | iHanna's pick of the year

If I could choose one super hero power, it would be willpower. The next best thing right now, since super powers don’t come flyin’ just because you wish for them, is to pick it as my One Little Word of the year. I have written before about how picking a “word for the year” is a nice habit I, like many other bloggers, have gotten into. It is about having a single word to guide you, help you or comfort you. I will let my word be part of my life in several ways this year!

At its essence, willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. I want to investigate what it could add into my life, if I can find more willpower for myself – and what might change if I keep it close, as an encouragement and a battle cry, in 2014. The word willpower feels very personal and tender to me, but I’m sharing it as a step towards my new, stronger self.

I did a pinterest search for willpower and there is a lot of quotes and images about “my word”, this one was the most persistent:

Willpower is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

That sounds like hard work to me, but I think it might be just what I need. My favorite quote, so far though, is this one:

People don’t just find the strength and the will power they need. They Create it!

Creating, ah! That’s something I know quite a bit about! I might go with that approach instead of the “hard muscle rout”. Creativity is something I do understand and have plenty of. The quotes are now pinned to my new pinterest board on my One Little Word 2014 Willpower, an exercise in Ali Edward’s online workshop One Little Word that on a whim I decided to pay and sign up for! And I’m happy I did. I’ve got my printables, I have decided on a format (an A5 ring binder) to do the exercises in, and I am ready to go! I think I will even print this article for the ring binder, where I am also planning to add in other stuff. Maybe it will become my Life Planner and be a compliment to DIY Planner pages!

When I first mentioned this one little word, Randi left me a comment to recommend the book The Willpower Instinct. Love the title, so I might splurge on that one. I thought I’d mention this simply so that you, if you’ve picked a word of your own, don’t forget to do a google search and check your library for books with the word in the title… It’s always a treat to learn new things!

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If you have been trying to access my blog this week, I hope you have been able to. I’ve had some problems with the hosting server, but hopefully it’s resolved for now. If you missed it, I would love your thoughts my two most recent posts 10 Reasons you Should Write a List of Achievements and then my own 2013 List of Creative Achievements!