Seeing Embroidery Everywhere Organza flower ATC by iHanna

Three fabric atc in a row

I really like the thread nests, but maybe it’s this ATC, in all its simplicity, that is my favorite:

Organza flower embroidery ATC
Organza flower ATC.

This embroidered ATC came together effortlessly with a few scraps of organza, lace like fabric, and some stitches on top of that, of course! I think it’s the stitches that “makes” it. Those little dots and lines of thread that connects everything.

Embroidery inspiration

I’ve been enjoying Jude Hill’s feathers embroidery class, a free class with video and audio tutorials on how to make her magic feather embroidery (+ patchwork ideas). I need to finish my patch and send it to her this week, after photographing it.

I’m inspired by embroidery on printed fabric, like this, getting to know The Gigants of Embroidery according to Nat, like Tillike Schwarz and Jazmin Berakha (Nat also did a tutorial on how to keep your embroidery clean)! I’m inspired by Embroidery Thursday at DoecDoe and Jane LaFazio’s hand stitching tutorial on Alisa’s blog, but even more by the stitching close-ups on her own blog. Yum!

And also, while not being embroidery, I need to mention:

  • Nail your NaNoWriMo
    – a series of daily post that gives you advice on how to plan to write a novel in one month. Great read before November starts. I’ve been reading it with interest, but I’m not sure I can do NaNoWriMo this year either. I sure would love to give it another go, but my time is limited right now.
  • November is a great month to do “something every day” because there is a lot online to join, like Art Every Day Month, which I joined last year and pushed to make I created 30 collages in 30 days!
  • I am a believer – crusade 56 is a beautiful read within itself, and very powerful. Go check it out! Then do a page in your journal and share your story.

Here is another one of my ATC embroidery, a simple flower in pinks:

Pink flower

In the latest crusade I am a believer Michelle Ward writes: I believe sharing your enthusiasm for creativity is more important than what you create.

I love that, because that is what my blog is all about. :-)