I’m making a Daily Art Card this month, and perhaps this whole year?

Daily Art Card painting by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

On January 1th this year I sat down to fill my first square card that I had cut up for the occasion. That was the beginning of my year of Daily Art Cards. One each day for 366 days, that is my goal. Do you think I will make it? It’s been 31 days and I haven’t missed one yet!

The first one I made sitting in the sofa with the card in my knee. I grabbed a wrapping paper saved from Christmas and copied one of the angels as best as I could. I then painted it with watercolors, but not at all in the colors of the wrapping. Mine were brighter and happier. This is the first card I made:

Daily Art Card no 01 Angel  by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

1th of January 2008 – My first Daily Art Card!

I have a big fat pad of cold pressed aquarelle watercolor paper (200g/m2) from Canson in my paper stash. Some of these I cut to size 10 x 10 cm (3,93 x 3,93 inches) and that is what I’m working on. I really love the size, it’s small enough to be quick to fill when I’m feeling uninspired or tired (those night when I come into my bedroom at 23.30 and remember that I haven’t made my daily card yet!!) but big enough to have fun on: draw, collage, experiment!

Last night I did a quick drawing of a heart with the Caran D’Arche Neocolor II crayons that are water soluble. Then I took my card with me to the bathroom and added a lot of water on top of the paper. More than I usually use and brushed it around. It turned out great and I learned something new 2 minutes it took to make that card.

I call that card “Water soluble love”! I’ve given all my cards a name, and signed all of them with the date and my name on the back.

Daily Art Cards

Here the January Daily Art Cards are gathered together:

January 2008 - Daily Art Cards

I’ve played and experimented a lot as you can see. One is all doodle, some are collages and some are drawings. I’m thinking that I ought to sell them as I go along this year but I’m not sure anyone would be interested? I didn’t think about that when I started, but I’m impressed with Dilarp’s blog Daily Collage project where she sells her collages for 25 Euro. Of course she has some dignity behind her art, while I have none. :-)

I would appreciate your opinions about these Daily Art Cards, and their worth. Would you be interested in owning something like this? I want to make a book of all the cards when I’m all done, but I have no idea what I would do with the original art except put it in an album or box and forget about it. I’m so used to creating in a book format, and then there’s no question afterwards. It’s just a finished book.

Here’s the card I did today, the thirtyfirst one;

Daily Art Card no 31: Glitter mix up by iHanna
Daily Art Card 31 January 2008.

When painting and stamping with acrylics in my art journal after yoga I did this card in pink and red acrylics. Also found an old tube of red glitter glue that I spread around with my fingers. Yummy colors! To finish it I cut a little piece from one of many favorite wrapping papers I own (collect).

Simple but fun.

Daily Art Card as a Habit

The habit did form rather quickly and it’s not something that I will forget to do – nor will I ignore to do it because of my firm decision to stick with this resolution! I’m normally rather creative as you know, and this is just one extra task each day that will ensure that I do something productive and fun each day. Even on the days that I feel tired and don’t want to make my daily art card I’ve been getting an inspiration boost when I did it anyway! Isn’t that powerful?

** Update: See all posts about my Daily Art Cards.