Personalized layout

Fancy ATC back from 2011

I love to create a personal layout for my mail labels, moving boxes, notebooks, ring binders and even the backside of the embroidered Artist Trading Cards I make. I don’t have a design training but I love playing with colour, fonts and graphic elements on the computer! Love it!

The above photos shows a previous attempt of personalizing a found label and using it as a ATC backside. I love it a lot, but the swirly border took up too much space, and the text ended up very tiny. I didn’t even find room to sign the card or date it. So now I’ve made new ones!

The new layout are also very pink and very me. They look like this:

ATC backs for iHanna
ATC background for iHanna

It’s got a descripition of what it is, my full name, contact information and this url plus room to give each embroidered card a title, date it and sign it.

I’m very pleased with the layout. What do you think?

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6 Responses to Personalized layout

  1. Madde says:

    A post is coming on my blog on saturday on the subject….great minds think alike :-)

  2. Kate B says:

    Looks great. Do you print them out on sticker paper? I like that you left lots of room for details on the actual swap.
    Aloha, Kate

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Kate B! No, I don’t use sticker paper because the one I have tried was not very sticky. Instead I print on office paper and use a glue stick to stick it down. I’ve got a tutorial on how I make fabric around cardboard to create a firm ATC. :-)

  3. Julie Prichard says:

    Really great!!

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