Red labels to print – Free Printable PDF

I’ve used some pretty red labels (vintage style of Dennison labels with red border) in my recent art journal collages lately. I designed them myself in Illustrator. They are in a PDF-file format so that you can download them and print them – for free of course. The are not very fancy but still fun to print and use in your own projects.

Download, print them and use them in your collages, notebooks or journaling.

Vintage style Red Labels

Download and Print Red labels

  • Download Red Labels – designed by iHanna. Just download, print, cut out and then label everything!

I’d of course love to see how you use these red labels I made for you/me/us. Please comment or add a link to your project below, if you wanna share it. And maybe you’ve got other cool labels scanned or uploaded somewhere? Send me links please, I love downloading pretty labels to use on stuff.

I like red labels, well, all kinds of labels. I used one similar to these as the title of my book, when I created the design for the self published book A Creative Year. That label looked like this:


This is another art journal page where I used this kind of red labels too:

This is my family
Altered book journal page collage: This is my family.

PS: You can also download other fun stuff, like my inspirational quotes, when you sign up for my newsletter. I won’t spam you, I send it out when I have something fun to tell you, and I think you’ll love using those colorful stripes of inspiration in your calendar, planner or notebook.

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14 Responses to Red labels to print – Free Printable PDF

  1. Monique says:

    Love them, you are so creative. Maybe I will use them in my journal (to be started (again) next year!!!

    The red ones link does not work, just FYI

    Happy Holidays

  2. MissKoolAid says:

    Fun labels. I was just looking for something like that. I printed the Colourfull ones no problem but the link to the Red Labels doesn’t seem to work. I’ll try to use a label on my next journal page.
    Thank you for sharing these goodies with us!

  3. Very nice labels!

  4. Siri says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for AGES. I buy up premade labels like this whenever I find them and use them on packages I’m sending out and on Christmas presents. I’m down to my last 2 labels and was wondering what I was going to use for tags for the rest of our Christmas presents.

  5. Ravenhill says:

    These are great labels. Great idea to make your own and kind of you to share them with others! Your “This is my family” pages are so pretty, clever and creative. I think personal collages would make a great gift for family members and am seriously thinking about doing that for next year.

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  7. Mirjam says:

    thanks.. I enjoy your logs al lot..


  8. Jude says:

    Great useful tags. How nice of you to share. Thank You!

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  11. Jamie says:

    Thanks! I’m using these fun red labels for Christmas! I printed them on a creamy color and they look great!

  12. Robin says:

    oh thank you so much! They’re perfect for my Remains of the day Journal!

  13. Sahalima says:


  14. bea says:

    what does your home look like???? i have so many projects that i have started but not finished….. great ideas but no completion. any thoughts.
    i am moving and printed out you labels. thank you , they’re great.

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