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A Map to the Unknown

Embroidered artist trading card. A Map to the unknown. I am till stitching stuff. But a Map to the unknown – do you think that is something you need? You might need a map to find your way. A guiding hand. A place to go… But a map to the unknown? See it as an […]

Outside the box Cross Stitching

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man [and woman]. George Bernard Shaw My favorite embroidery style is a loose, free form, anything-goes style. I like to bend the rules, or break up with them. […]

Spring Inspired ATC

I haven’t created any Artist Trading Cards lately, except this one, inspired by my huge longing for spring (read less darkness and snow): I want less ice and more flowers in my life. Pronto! Related PostsA very cute thief Art Quilt | Summer Playtime Pillow with Kantha Embroidery

Where a Magic Sun Shines

A few of my embroidered artist trading cards. The magic trees couldn’t grow without some magic sun. To be sure we’d never run out, I made three suns. Related PostsLoving the pistil stitch Owl Embroidery on Artist Trading Card Repurposing an Old Embroidery

Personalized ATC labels

I love to create a personal labels for my mail, moving boxes, notebooks, ring binders and even the backside of the embroidered Artist Trading Cards I make. I don’t have a design training but I love playing with colour, fonts and graphic elements on the computer – creating personalized layouts digitally and then printing it. […]

Sketching on Fabric

Hey curious one… You can sketch with both a pen and a needle. Or you can combine the two methods… So my latest ATC is a self portrait of sorts. Very much an experiment where I had no idea where it would go or end but just started with a quick idea when I found […]

Three Magic trees in the sun

So the first step is to stop, notice, and appreciate what is happening. Even if this is all we do, its revolutionary. Pema Chdrn So this is the fabric piece that became one Artist Trading Card; a bright happy sun on a cloudless day. I mentioned it in my last post about painting on fabric. […]

Embroidery Evenings together

Me and my friend Christina had a creative get-together last year. We made accordion books out of folded paper. Then we added in tape, collage and words. We had wine and food too, and it was very inspiring to create together. This time I suggested embroidery, and allthough she was a bit hesitant, because it’s […]

Starting to Stitch without a plan

I usually have some kind of idea when I start an embroidery, but for this ATC I thought I’d start without a plan – and see where it led me. You almost need to trick your brain to without any image in your mind. We are so used to always planning and knowing what we […]

Fabric, Watercolours and Embroidery

Human beings… have an inherent tendency to seek out novelty & challenges, to extend and exercise their capabilities, to explore, and to learn. Daniel Pink ATC “Gotland”, a keeper. I made this on the boat to the island Gotland this spring. The first line of waves (top) is confident and rhythmic, but the second line […]

Seeing Embroidery Everywhere

I really like the thread nests, but maybe it’s this ATC, in all its simplicity, that is my favorite: Related PostsInspiration en masse – Starting some Awesome monthly Link Love Cinnamon, roses & lingonberries Gala Darling: Radical Self Love