Me and my friend Christina had a creative get-together last year. We made accordion books out of folded paper. Then we added in tape, collage and words. We had wine and food too, and it was very inspiring to create together. This time I suggested embroidery, and allthough she was a bit hesitant, because it’s not something she have done since school, she said yes.

She picked black fabric and started to sew without hesitation. The first ATC she made was a pink cross, rooted in the ground. Isn’t it cool? I got to keep that one, and while I still was sewing on my tree (on pink fabric above) she finished her second one, a picture of the universe:

The creation - ATC with angelina fibers
“The Creation”. Angelina fibers, stitches and some beads for the glimpse of light in the middle. Awesome free form embroidery start if you ask me!

Creating together with others is super nice! I love watching my not-always-creative-friend getting into the flow and just sewing until her thumb cramped up, digging something she might not have thought she would like. It’s very good to try, at least once. If you haven’t tried, you just don’t know. :-)

Last month I visited a knitting caf (and cast on for striped socks), last week the embroidery caf (stitching on my TAST-sampler) and this week my embroidery group got together. Strawberry cake, lots of talk and planning for fun things happening during summer and this autumn… It was the last meeting before summer, and we exchanged “summer kits” for making our own ATC during the summer. It’s the third year we do this, so now it’s a tradition and I enjoy it a lot!