This weekend I sent out a Newsletter announcing that my darling embroidery workshop Stitch with Love, is up for grabs! I have been wanting to make a stand-alone workshop hosted by me, for a bit over a year now (or is it two years?), but for various reasons, I haven’t. Not until now.

I am super pumped to tell you a bit more about it today, because embroidery is one of my big passions. Yay!

Stitch With Love - Embroidery Workshop for beginners by @iHanna

If you want to get started with embroidery this mini-workshop is perfect for you! The Stitch With Love – an Online Embroidery Video Workshop For Beginners can be watched at your own leisure, any time. It’s a beginner level class for anyone curious about embroidery, but I do believe experienced embroiderers will also find new sparks of inspiration and some new ideas to try here. It’s simple, basic techniques, but SO full of ideas to explore!

Video promo I made for the workshop:

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Read about it here or jump in and sign up straight away, it’s only 16 dollars!

Take an Embroidery Workshop with iHanna

It’s a mini workshop with four short video lessons, where I am demonstrating how to paint on fabric, create simple stitching, and how to finish an Artist Trading Card (ATC) so that it’s a finished piece of art ready to trade, hang on the wall or send to a dear friend.

I talk about materials, storing and show many different examples that I stitched up for this workshop. There’s even some bead embroidery to try in the workshop curriculum, plus of course a fabulous pdf of the ATC backside to download, print and use. It’s rather fancy looking. You just fill in your own name, and print as many as you like – because of course you want to sign and date your artwork!

Favorite embroidery thread for Stitching with Love by @ihanna

When you sign up you will get access to 4 videos I filmed, where I talk about the heart symbol, free form embroidery, mixed media fabric ideas, and demonstrate stitching, bead embroidery and painting on fabric. You will get 1 year access to all this plus a downloadable PDF with instructions and an ATC backside.

I am inviting you to take my very first embroidery workshop, and maybe we can do an embroidered ATC swap later this year? I would love that, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Sign up before March 14 when the early bird price is just $16 USD!

Please note: This class was originally part of Alma Stoller’s Stitched 2015, that is now closed. She encouraged me to host it on my own, and now I’m finally doing it. YAY!

Don’t hesitate, let’s stitch up some love my friends.

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