So the first step is to stop, notice, and appreciate what is happening.
Even if this is all we do, its revolutionary.
Pema Chdrn

Sunshine ATC

So this is the fabric piece that became one Artist Trading Card; a bright happy sun on a cloudless day. I mentioned it in my last post about painting on fabric. The paint lays the foundation for the rest of the embroidery work, and these threes are what grew out of my ATC pieces this summer:

Fabric ATC Tree
Fabric ATC Tree

Fabric ATC Tree

Magic trees! The last one I’ve already shared when I made it during an Embroidery Evening together with a friend, but I like seeing the three trees together. We were so “into it” that I, as I showed her how I finish a fabric ATC, forgot to sign it with my initials this time.

3 trees - tre trd

I’m not sure this series is finished yet. I could make magic trees in so many different ways… My mind starts spinning when I think about digging through my materials and starting another one… But right now I’m making another sun! I can never have enough sunshine!