Autumn Craft: Leaf Roses

Crafternoon table
Crafting with maple leafs
Crafting with maple leafs
Picking sparkling maple leafs this weekend led to a crafternoon where mom and I made a bouqette of maple roses each. It was a quick and fun little project just before dinner. We got the tutorial third hand when in a craft class but the information came from a swedish tutorial showing (in lots of pictures) how to make maple leaf roses!

My Maple Roses
This my bouquette.

And some more photos…

Crafting with maple leafs
Crafting with maple leafs
Cozy crafternoon with a drink
Smilling the roses
Smilla says: They don’t smell all that great, but they’re very pretty. Here is mom’s bouquette on the dinner table:

Mom's Maple Roses

What a colour infusion, much needed since it’s been raining for three days since this sunshine. Sometimes an unexpected craft oportunity, captured in the moment, will give you lots of joy.

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  1. Mycket snyggt! Jag har gjort ytterligare två buketter sedan jag bloggade om dem, en som gåbortspresent till en kompis och en som jag satte i personalrummet på jobbet. Det är ett så bra pyssel, gratis material, snabbt, enkelt och blir så oerhört fint. Tacksamt jobb liksom. :)

  2. What an awesome idea, Hanna. These are so beautiful, too! Sometimes a great idea doesn’t really look great at the end, but I would love to make some of these and give them away, so everyone has leaf roses.

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