Documenting the pandemic of 2020 in a TN (video journal with me) by iHanna

I don’t think your journal should only be cute stickers and happy times. It should be as real as you can make it, and that includes darker days as well as fun events, right?

Right now it includes documenting and remembering the horrific pandemic we’re in this year, and all the loss the world has suffered so far. I documented it with words and images in today’s video (watch it below), you might chose to document it differently in your journal, but it is important to acknowledge it in some way for the future.

Let’s start with my video, showing how I created another spread in my current Traveler’s notebook Randomosity.

Journal with me: Documenting the Pandemic

If you can’t see the embedded video above click here to watch it on YouTube. Please leave me a comment there and a thumbs up if you like the video, it encourages me to do more videos.

iHanna's page about the pandemic

Is it just me that feels like the pandemic is surrealistic, especially if I don’t watch the news for a day or two… That is one reason I wanted to create a page in my journal. Another one is that who will believe it later on if we don’t collect evidence about it? It is so surreal, right?

Documenting the pandemic of 2020 in a TN (video journal with me) by iHanna

The coloring page and the journaling cards I mention in the video is linked in my previous blog post In pandemic times: Living in a Creative little Bubble, check them out if you want to print them too.

Stay safe and take care of yourself!