Swedish Cinnamon Rolls are called Kanelbulle in Swedish. This pastry has been my favorite since I was a kid and I make them the same way mom does. I have them fresh from the oven with hot coffee or even better, a cold glass of milk. Nothing beats the ones you make yourself, and bought ones are just not the same!

Kanelbullens dag is 4th of October every year - Cinnamon Roll Day!

Yummy times!

I actually filmed a few clippings of mom baking cinnamon rolls in October and thought I’d make a video film for Cinnamon Roll Day which is 4th of October. I didn’t finish it by then but now it’s edited and I’ve added some fun music that makes me wanna do the Christmas boogie and add a drum roll!

Wanna join me?

Here is the video (click here if you can’t see it):

Or maybe you are already in the kitchen baking something sweet? This movie makes my mouth water up every time, and I’m glad I’ve finished it so I don’t have to look at those yummy buns any more. I’m getting fat just by editing this, hehe. What about you, got any dough?

If you need a recipe you can visit Stephanie who after I filmed this posted about her love for kanelbullar with photos of her making them. I also googled cinnamon rolls/buns and found the site of Pioneer woman, which just lured me in and made me want to bake every day! Check out her making cinnamon rolls (not Swedish) and her latest recipe of Childhood cookies and beyond (love that name!). All the photos are yummy, and it looks both easy and fun to bake them.

You can really make a movie about anything… Or what do you think? What would you make a movie about if you could? My next one is about happiness. Coming soon to a theater near you. Mine are always this action filled and dramatic! Ha! I think it’s because I’m such an adventuress crazy flipped out person. ;-)

Take care and yes, watch this bunny cook too today! But don’t go his way just yet, ok?