A good handbag for me needs not only to be safe (closable in case of thieves) but sturdy, attractive, fit my style and big enough for the things I want to carry with me every day. The cute ones in stores are often too small for my needs. I don?t want a sports bag or a suit case, don?t get me wrong, but I need to bring my gear!

Hello Kitty handbag with inside pocket

A good handbag needs to fit my diary, a couple of pens, the novel I?m reading, my wallet and sometimes a knitting project too! Not much to ask for right? But often it is the soft cover book and the diary that causes problems because many handbags are too narrow to fit two books. The best solution to this problem is to make a bag yourself! And the one I did last is one of my favourites so far. It?s just perfect. I love it!

It has two panels of Hello Kitty fabric in bright candy pink and a striped side/bottom fabric that goes very well with the style of the bag. It?s lined with a cotton fabric that feels a big waxy which is good for resisting dirt. Both the lining fabric and the striped one are thrifted finds that I really like, and the Hello Kitty was irresistible to me!

My very pink Hello Kitty handbag

I?ve made two inside pockets, one that fits some pens (yes, they are pink) and one on the opposite side that is perfect for my cell phone and keys. Mom helped me with the opening and then I hand sewed the lining to the zipper on the inside which took me some time, but actually I enjoy to hand sew when it?s not too much.

Hello Kitty handbag

Nothing more to say about this little cutie I think.

Oh, I love it, did I mention that?!