As I’m tired of knitting I’m turning to handsewing for the first time, as a craft. And I like it a lot. Stitching those tiny stitches to attach pieces of fabric to another one is as meditative and repetitive as knitting.

Patchwork ball

It has proven this last week that handsewing is great on quilt meetings, waiting for the meat to grill on the BBQ, sitting in the sun listening to a podcast and also a wonderful TV-craft! Handsewing is my new knitting, definitely!

I started with a blue ball made from honeycomb looking patches. All stripes and checked pattern, except for a tiny bug I happened to sew in, but I think it’s kind of cute. Blue for mom, then a pink romantic one for me.

I could make a tutorial for these patchwork balls if you want to try it out?

Having a ball
Having a ball.

What will I do with them you ask? Well, anything! Squeezing to reduce stress. Throwing to practice your girl throw and then catching to practice your balance. Children’s toys. Dog or cat toys. Beautiful decoration in a basket. Taking a brake from work to play ball.

Having a ball
They fly great and land softly. No one will get hurt.

What I like about making these:

  • Picking out matching fabrics
  • That it produces a small, manageable project that is easy to bring
  • The meditation of sewing small stitches, one at a time
  • The fact that I’ve felt so calm making them, not in a rush at all
  • I don’t need them, I won’t have to fit into them, I don’t have a deadline and I haven’t decide how many to make.

I’m now sewing together my third one which will be in “happy warm” colors. The blue one is already given to my mom.

I’ve been looking through this amazingly beautiful quilt book that mom bought recently. It is called Sy med lappar and is written by Hilde Lien and Tina Eckeroth, published in Swedish by Ica bokförlag 2008 (original title: Lappedrömmer that you can get though Lapp-Elisa internationally). It is filled with happy colors that make me think of spring, summer and romance.

I want to make the first quilt, Romantica, but I’m not starting another quilt right now. So instead I browsed on until I spotted very cute kittens in there together with a pattern for a basket and these patchwork balls in three different sizes. Everything is just so adorable and I love the patchwork look of the balls so I decided to make one. I’m now sewing together my third one, by hand!

The title of this post was inspired by the News Tribune post Sewing is the new knitting [found via the Sewer-sewist that I found via Craftypod, in an interview with men who is crafting where I also found the quilter Michael who has started a very cool project called Quilting up a storm 2008.]