Pink tote bag by iHanna

In the great book Patchwork med bandbroderi (original in Danish) by Anne Baird The back of my crazy quilt tote bag I found a lot of inspiration! The pictures of silk-ribbon embroidery in this book are so beautiful.

At first I was impressed but not at all encouraged – would I ever try to make something as beautiful and complex?
Naa…. But after finding a crazy quilt-pattern in another book and started a bigger project I felt I wanted to try this out! Not to big to scare me to death.

In this book by Anne Baird there was a simple little pattern for a tote bag (in green) that I really like. I decided to make it in pink and white (romantic!) this summer and got a lot of fabric from my mother. Inspired by me my mom made one to!

I didn’t see hers until I had finished my own, and they came out really different – but both are great!

Here is mine:
The front of my crazy quilt tote bag

And now a whole bunch of pictures of the details:

Inside showing 2 pocketsInside the bag you can see the striped silk lining and the two pockets I put together (no pockets in the pattern).

DetailA crazy quilt-thing is put together with a lot of different fabrics, embroidery and some matching buttons.

Free form flowers? Hmm…

This button is from a knitted cardigan that I wore when I was 8 years old and finished first grade all in white and pink of course. I found it in my mothers button box. Great!

Buttons and embroideryA flower garden of glass flowers!

Flower from mumA felt flower that my mother sent me in may found its way to this bag.

A green bow with pearlsA green boow with pearls on.

DetailsThe pink lace on the top of the tote is the sleeve of my great grandmothers nightgown that has been laying around my wardrobe for years.

RosesA small bouquet of roses was all that I had the energy to finish this time.

Where did I get this red glass heart? I don’t know but I think it fits right on my first handbag or is it a tote bag.

I really like how the whole project came out – it’s my first crazy quilt finished object – the needle book I made later this autumn!

Also check out my mom’s crazy quilt bag, it’s blue. We made them together.

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  1. Amazing – I especially like the small bouquet, and the fact that you used many little treasures – it is a truly unique piece of art!

  2. wow – that bag is SO beautiful!! I never thought I would feel an urge to sew, only knit, but after finding your blog, and seeing the needle book and now the bag, I find myself dreaming about sewing :) This is really inspiring!

  3. wow!
    i love the flower buds you made with the round beads and embroidered leaves. also really love the clear button flowers with stems in a row. great!!

  4. Very creative !!

    Just now I am busy thinking about having a bag with my own style like yours :)

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