STITCHED 2015 yearlong online class with 8 teachers - join here!

I am so happy to introduce you to an online class – where I am going to be one of the teachers!

I’m part of Alma Stoller’s STITCHED 2015 – a yearlong class with lots of video workshops and inspiration! It will start March 1st and end March 1st next year (2016). It consists of over 25 online video instructions, including my class! Yay!

If you buy it now you will have lots of time to watch and be inspired by Alma, me and other awesome ladies.

My part of the class is called Stitch with Love.

iHanna's class Stitch with Love - part of STITCHED 2015 with over 25 online video workshops!

In my workshop I will show you how I create Artist Trading Cards on fabric (miniature pieces of art), use free-form stitching, create mixed media embroidery by painting the fabric, what kind of threads I like best, how I store my cards, and how to finish of a textile artist trading card! So, lots of inspiration I hope. Be warned though, I talk a lot and smile way too big sometimes… But I think this is so much fun. I am crossing my fingers over here that you will be inspired and happy by this too! We’re working with the symbol of the heart.

Here is some more information about the other parts of this class:

STITCHED Class with Alma Stoller

This awesome class consists of:

  • Seven online classes by an eclectic group of artists.
    Me, iHanna (Hanna Andersson) and also Lynn Krawczyk, Celeste Beck, Lesley Riley, Lidija Miklavcic, Carrie Payne and Carmi Cimicata.

  • In addition, Alma Stoller will post a new online class every month for the entire year.
    Everything from doll making, silk ribbon embroidery and crochet, including two art quilt classes called Ladies of the Canyon and She’s so Unusual. Alma has a very colorful and fun style, a bit similar to my own – and I adore everything she does!

  • There will also be a 12 x 12 Block-of-the-Month every month for the entire year.
  • plus six giveaway prizes that any registered STITCHED student can win. Woop woop!

It is hosted in a private site. And the best part: STITCHED 2015 will last an entire year!

All this for 89.00 dollars. If this is something you think you would be inspired by, buy it through me and I will get a commission. It’s now on pre-sale, and here is my affiliate link:

Click here to view more details and buy the class via iHanna

iHanna's Favorite Embroidery Floss

What do you think? Do you need a push this year to be creative with paint, fabric, needle and thread? Than this is for you!

Oh, by the way. I will also provide a PDF file that you can print and keep, with my class. There you’ll find instructions, ideas, links and a graphic backside for textile ATCs.

iHanna Love! Check out all iHanna’s Classes here

This is my presentation from the class:

About iHanna

iHanna is a mixed media artist, writer and embroiderer who shares all of her creative adventures on her blog. Twice each year she hosts an international mail art swap with participants from all over the world. iHanna is a fan of notebooks, glittery embroidery floss and iced coffee. She paints, draws and doodles in her art journal, creates art collages and small art quilts that features acrylic paint as well as stitching. She has also published photo books and created a lot of wooly softies. iHanna lives in Sweden and has turned her home into a creative studio.

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