Scrappy me-messenger bag

Out walking

I’ve made myself a new bag, and taken it out for a walk. Its a very sturdy and nice bag with hand sewn edges, lace and imagery.

New handmade bag
I like the big lid and the chocholate coloured interiour. There’s also a pen holder – because I always look for a pen at the bottom of the bag. I like that when you make a bag you can decide what kind of pockets you want, where and what for. Love that!

Inside view of bag
I’ve put a pen holder on the inside too, and several small pockets.

Phone pocket
The outside pocket is a crocheted find.

Handbag detail
Scrappy detail.

Strap detail
The strap is also a crochet thrift find – and the flower was already sewn on. I left it in because it fits somehow.

Not as colourful as the previous magic bag I made, but functional and nice. Shabby chic even? Yes, I like it. I’m thinking I will be using this one a lot too.

What do you think?

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  1. Such a cute cute bag! How will you be able to decide between this one or your happy bag as to which one to use each day?! Fabulous job on the bags!

  2. It looks very “Hannaish” but a bit paler than usual. Isn’t it fun to make something that actually is ment for use. I’m always so happy when I’ve made something out of scraps and then use it. Love your new bag and the earlier made as well.

  3. WOW!!! I still remember that other gorgeous bag with the hand painted fabric, and now this one – they’re fantastic! So inspiring it makes me want to sew my own bag right now!

  4. Jag tycker att det är fantastiskt smart att sy sina egna väskor -just för att man då kan bestämma alla praktiska detaljer som man tycker att man behöver (som t ex en pennhållare). Jag har planer på att göra en själv, har till och med ett mönster, så snart så. Måste bara klura ut precis vad jag vill ha för fack och andra finurligheter…

  5. It is magnificent, Hanna! Beautiful and better than any mass produced bag on the planet.

    • Thanks Corrine! It would be a lot of fun to sell bags too, but OMG they take time to make, and with all these details I would have to charge more than Gucci… ;-)

  6. I absolutely love it! The crochet pocket is very cool.
    Did you use a pattern to assemble the bag or did you just make it up?

  7. Love it! :)
    Do you use interfacings when you make bags? Because this one seems to me really “solid”.
    And for the doily-pocket… curious, I had the same idea some days ago! :)

    • Silvia, not in the magic bag but I thought it was a bit too floppy, so this one I’ve used a very sturdy interfacing and its much more to my liking. It can stand on its own and I like that. :-) What do you use for yours?

  8. I’ve noticed this bag is sturdy by the photos :)
    I use different kinds of interfacing: one is adhesive (I can buy it here, in a small local shop of sewing stuff) and it gives a “rigid” look to the bags, one is similar to a white felt sheet (I but it on line) and it gives a softer look.
    Sometimes I don’t use interfacing: I have a lot of upholstery fabric’s samples (a gift of a friend) and they are sturdy enough to be used alone.

  9. Love your new bag Hannah! The crocheted elements are such a nice touch – it gives me a lot of ideas.

  10. What a great bag! I especially like the pen loop (as I too am always digging for a pen in the bottom of my purse) and the crocheted pocket (such a sweet detail). Fabulous!!

    • Thanks Andria! I got my first compliment at the sewing shop (had to by pins because I can’t use those with small heads anymore) where the shop keeper lady asked if it was made by me – and I smiled big. :-)

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