Out walking

I’ve made myself a new bag, and taken it out for a walk. Its a very sturdy and nice bag with hand sewn edges, lace and imagery.

New handmade bag
I like the big lid and the chocholate coloured interiour. There’s also a pen holder – because I always look for a pen at the bottom of the bag. I like that when you make a bag you can decide what kind of pockets you want, where and what for. Love that!

Inside view of bag
I’ve put a pen holder on the inside too, and several small pockets.

Phone pocket
The outside pocket is a crocheted find.

Handbag detail
Scrappy detail.

Strap detail
The strap is also a crochet thrift find – and the flower was already sewn on. I left it in because it fits somehow.

Not as colourful as the previous magic bag I made, but functional and nice. Shabby chic even? Yes, I like it. I’m thinking I will be using this one a lot too.

What do you think?