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iHanna's Scrappy Pouches

I love scraps! Not only the paper scraps I use all the time, but fabric scraps too. I think I collect them. And pet them, but don’t tell anyone. I love how scraps let’s you mix and match something small into something new.

Handmade by me Pouches

From a few of the many scraps I’ve sewn two scrappy pouches for myself, one pink and one green. Love them! Pink and green are my favorite colors!

Backside of pink scrappy pouch

I used linen as the bases, and the decorated the front, and back with pretty ribbons, and tiny bits of fabric.

Pink scrappy pouch with zipper - Copyright Hanna Andersson

According to wikipedia, the word pouch may refer to: a small bag such as a pocket, teabag, money bag, etc. And that’s exactly what these are. Small pockets.

Green Scrap Pouch

They’re small and perfect for storing this and that in.

Heart Ribbon and Lace - close up Copyright Hanna Andersson

If I didn’t have to finish things up I could sew on the decorations on these – all day long. I love that part, because it’s like doing fabric collage. And I love collage! But once all that fun stuff is done, you need to finish the project to even have a something that you can use. A pouch! And a pouch needs a closure.

Button closure Copyright Hanna Andersson

The green pouch, that has the pom-pom ribbon on the front (love that) got a button on the inside. I hand sew these in and love how simple and easy they are to both add and use. Yay for simple!

Zipper by amateur

My pink pouch got a wine red zipper. Zippers are not so simple, especially when you don’t sew very often. I couldn’t figure it out… My brain went all flustered, but then I sewed it in anyway. I did turn the lining the wrong way, but oh, well. It’s finished. And signed:

Pink Princess Tag for

You know how you sometimes get this urge to create something special? The urge to sew came over me. So happy I could go with the feeling this time!

I hope you can follow one of your inspirations soon too!