Thrifted apron

I’ve wanted to make a paper crane like for ever, and when I read this post it made me look through my paper stash and dig out my unused and 2-coloured origami paper. I think I got it on my birthday two years ago.

I have watched Kristalyn’s Paper crane 101 video a couple of times and read some instructions too but maybe paper cranes is too advanced for me? It might not be in my genes? I’v been trying to knit with pearls lately, and the pattern with beautiful snow flakes was just over my head too. I think I started over about 12 times before I gave up and did another pattern that was a easier for me to follow. I don’t know if this is how I always am or if it’s just right now that I can’t fold paper or do advanced pattern counting? I hope it’s the later. I’m just telling you so you know that everyone has to stuble around as beginners. In sewing, knitting, paper art, writing… Everything is easy once you know it!

And of course I was born a stubborn ass. So here is my first paper crane:

Paper crane

I want to make a mobile of paper cranes, so I’ve got a couple more to fold. Maybe I can use my crane from Liz who is doing the The Paper Crane Project when and if I get it? In the mean time, if you enjoy beautiful photos go check out the crane gallery! You can sort the photos by colour, pattern or country they’ve been sent to!

Christmas again

And really this tutorial here is the best one, but I didn’t discover that until I had folded and unfolded my piece of paper in every direction possible!

Lussefika (tjuvstart)

See you later!