Knit Lab

Yesterday my friend Inger finally lured me out of my secret cave into the big world outside. It was just what I needed. I went to a knit cafe in Stockholm for the first time! It is open every Sunday and was located in a big yarn store called Knit Lab, close to Södra station, where I felt right at home with lots of yarn and my favourit colour pink on the signs, on yarn, the carpet, bags… Yeah, with lots of pink yarn, great coffee and two of my old friends too… I couldn’t wish for more. Or perhaps that time would’ve passed a little bit slower than usual this Sunday?

Knit Lab
In the window at Knit Lab.

Stella at Knit Lab
Stella, the Knit Lab dog, that jumped up into everyone’s knee for a bit of cuddle and knit joy. Very cute and nice dog!

Sunday knit caf? at Knit Lab
This Sunday at Knit Lab. Yes, the pink bag on the picture is mine!

Jazz print yarn
I brought this yarn, Jazz print, that I bought last summer with Marika. It is 100 % new merino wool in pink, yellow, brown and light blue. It feels like silk and looks like candy. I love this yarn so much, I’m so glad I finally took it out to play with! Yummy!

Karin och hennes dotter

Knit Lab
A new pattern, some yarn and coffee and I’m a happy calm girl that forgot my worries and sorrows for a while and enjoyed the moment.

I was talking and listening to my old friends Sigun and Inger, and to the other new people I met there. Inger taught me a new pattern while I was absorbing the surroundings, the sounds, the little dog Stella and the feeling of the yarn, looking up at the visitors that came into the shop all the time. Chatting, knitting, teaching others what I know, browsing a beautiful book, drinking my coffee.

Inger Sigun

Thank you very much Inger, Sigun, Karin, Stella, Annika and everyone else who was there! I had a great time and I hope to visit again soon. If you are in the area I hope you’ll come by too?

Knit greetings from yours truly

Edit: this shop is since long closed, this was written back in 2007! Keep googling to find other locations to visit if you’re a knitter on the loose in Stockholm. Thanks!