Creative Process Video for Index Card Collage – day 1

Index Cards is a office supply paper type that you can find at the paper or book store, close to notebooks and pens. It’s created for noting information like research, recipes or addresses, often stored alphabetically in a box for quick reference. In the time of smart phones, computers and online registers (GDTP be damned) it is a rather un-modern tool, but you can still find them because there is a demand for them. Just like notebooks and pens, I do not see them going out of style any time soon…

But really what can you create on a little index card with lines? - blog post about ICAD by iHanna

The index card type I like best is the original ones, with blue stripes on both sides, and a red line for header at the top. It does nothing to resemble a artist’s canvas, a thick watercolor paper or anything durable and creative at all, but it can be. As artists we can do anything we want and use whatever we have around to create art on.

Let's be creative together in June - blog post by iHanna

A couple of years ago (2011) my blogging friend Tammy invented the Index-Card-A-Day Challenge, ICAD, for all to join. It is, in its essence, about creating daily to form a habit of creating without the pressure of a result. You don’t need to make anything that is frame-worthy, birthday card worthy or worth saving even… You can read more about Tammy’s take here.

Last year I painted a lot, this year I’m going to make simple, happy memory collages (I’m sticking everything down with my beloved uhu stick). Oh, and I will try to journal on the back of each card. I will write a little poem about my day.

Index Card June 1st 2018

My take is this, for the first index card of the month:

Index Card Collage Video (click here if you can’t see the video) and feel free to subscribe to Studio iHanna on YouTube for upcoming videos. And give the video a thumbs up if you have the time and like it. Thanks.

I had no initial plan, except putting a few papers together, but now I see a picture of the upcoming summer, of June.

I see that I want to go on a tour on my favorite steam boat, Ejdern, and that is why I cut out a picture of the boat.
ICAD guru - I have been around for a couple of years (Index-Card-a-Day-Challenge)
I want to keep watering all the plants on the balcony, so the little mouse finally was glued down after floating in my collage folder for at least 10 years… The tomato plant is already so big, and drinks so much water every day.

I want to find my embroidery joy again, and do some stitching on cloth. To sit and mend my soul.

Start is actually my word of the year, and I hope it continues to carry me forward. Last year I had a word that wore me down, and I must consider the choose a failure. But this year, I aim to start every day fresh, and to start a lot of new projects.

I want to take note of the little joys, like bugs and flower and the joy of a simple Start.

Start is my word of the year, so…

Index Card no 1: June 1st + process video by iHanna

I’m starting my June month this way. How are you starting yours?

Happy June!

** Previous posts about index card creating here.

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  1. Thank you for these videos, Hanna; it is so interesting to watch your process! I am enjoying you on Instagram and here also.A Happy June to you! Leslie

  2. Great start to the ICAD challenge! Your collages always come together so nicely and are very cohesive too 💜


  3. Thanks for sharing your process video with us! I might have to try the ICAD challenge sometime. Definitely a good way to try out different methods and experiment with collage!

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