Create an Art Journal by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

I’m creating messy collages in bed at night – and crocheting in front of the computer during the day, because there is so much fun to watch over at YouTube. I love it!

It’s a growing community over on YouTube right now, and I’m a part off it (kinda). Today I found my idol Violette over there, she calls herself Creative Boho and she has posted a couple of videos of her home; Weird homes is my favorite even though I don’t think it is weird at all, but of course they would call a show of colourful homes that, right? What do they know? Grr! Have you ever seen MTV’s Cribs? There you can talk about yucky weird homes – too much money and mostly no taste! I could never be happy in a house like some of the stars have with big blank spaces, no personality and big TV-screens. Violette’s home is just magic, cool and beautiful! Check it out!

Another fun video is where Sid is making paper masks! I want to make one, a big huge pink one with glitter and stars! Isn’t it just so cool? And what a fun chica! hehe.

And if you want to know more about art journaling check out my Art journal channel to get the best of the one’s I’ve seen. You can subscribe to that too! I’m trying to figure out how to mark the videos I like, there are so many ways. Add to a channel, make a favorite, comment, subscribe, make friend… and more?

So, what do you say? Who wouldn’t want to live in a magic cottage, make amazing masks for the wall – and live a creative life? Anybody that would say no thanks? Not me! To bad I’m to tired to do anything right now.

Kalinichta for now!