How to make your kids a inspired collage artist

I love making collages, I just can’t stop, and I don’t think I ever will. And I’m trying to get everyone else hooked too, or at least to get some company while I make my art journal entries, which I do almost every day now.

How to make your kids into to great collage artist

So I set the table with mom’s old gossip magazines (Hemmets journal and Hänt i veckan), one glue stick each and some pens and papers! And they did the rest…

Here are some pics from when I caught my brother and his friend Jeppe in front of the computer and dragged them to the kitchen table – to make art with me!

Jeppe made a Love and war-themed collage, his first – and commented:
– Is collage your hobby? Can that really be a hobby?

But after he browsed through my Art journal he said:
– Wow, Hanna, this is like art… (and I smiled and was very proud!).

My little brother Mikael, soon to be a teenager, was most inspired by his own game magazines and cut out players and dark backgrounds.

Both boys were pleased with their work. So was I of course! Thanks for playing guys!

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  1. Hanna! Thanks for those pictures! You have inspired me to have an art party one of these days where I’ll invite friends to make collages, etc.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are always up to something delightful.


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