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Week in the Life 2013 | Thursday at the office

An ordinary Thursday in the Life of office girl iHanna, as she is documenting the entire week 37 of 2013. It was a great week to document, with good weather and a great new camera to keep me company. It’s also fun to compose these posts, picking out some favorites from the day and getting feedback from you guys!

Morning walk
On my way to the train I stop and look at my neighbors flower garden, and take a few photos to share on instagram.

As I commute and go into the city I tend to think of my environment as gray and boring, far from where I would spend my day if I had lots of money in the bank… But when someone commented that they wished their life was “as pretty as mine” I got to think about where I am, and where I wish I were.

I think you can choose to see and focus on what’s beautiful each day, and that’s my goal. With these photos, with this blog, and with my art. Instead of rusty trains I see beautiful graffiti and patterns on the ground. It’s a mindset I can’t always keep, but it’s what I strive to use every day.

As you pick up your camera your photos will reflect your inside; how you feel and what you are thinking about. Are you thinking about the heavy gray sky and your boring day – or the wonderful shape the trees make against that gray sky?

Office Me
And if you need a colour boost, you put on colour. Here are a few favorite views at my office:

The structure of the bathroom window.

My new blinds.

A healthy lunch.

Morning coffee
Fresh cuppa.

My collage work. And I’m also reflecting on how extremely ugly I think all the cords in our homes and offices are. We tend not to see them, but in a photo they become permanent marks of technology:

Office Desk
I love being connected and having electricity, but I dislike how tangled they make everything both in the office and at home!

Event Break
Event working.

Dinner with bro

New book
New book that arrived yesterday! It’s Quilting Happiness by Diane Gilleland and Christina Lane, a book that I’m going to review as soon as I have time to read through it.

Evening lights
And winding down in front of the TV, in candle light and the Swedish darkness outside my window. Because it is autumn after all…

How do you choose to see your everyday life?

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  1. love this post and i feel with you the joy of looking around and trying to see all as if it were the very first time you saw it. that’s what happens when i walk the dogs, camera close but when i travel to and from school i often regret that i don’t have that camera with me….it’s such a shame i can’t (for reasons of privacy) the many wonderful moments of my days teaching the children of my english classes…..

  2. I love this post!! That first photo is my favorite, like how you are kinda hiding in it, fun angle I think. So right about the cords, have thought of that many times myself. I am thankful for my days even when it’s the same old routine and this project really shows me that way. I took a picture of the sunrise each morning, even when some days had more clouds then sun I still feel the energy and happiness in the day about to start. Great photos from your day, so glad your sharing them with us.
    I just picked up my pictures yesterday and going to start on my album today, can’t wait to fill it up and relive the week again.

  3. you actually have hit the nail on the head…if you look at your world as something to be tolerated because you don’t have the ability to be somewhere else, your world is not such a great place but if you look for the beauty around you (because it is everywhere) and in everything then you will find beautiful things to draw and take pictures of. your new camera is great and crisp and clear. love the pictures and the glimpse of your life. thanks!

  4. So wonderful how you’ve expressed these feelings. And I’m with you on the bathroom window. I’m always drawn to texture like that.

  5. I absolutely love your collage work, but I didn’t realize it was digital…

    It is very inspiring and I love your weekly posts about collage.

    Cindy in USA

    • Thank you Cindy for leaving a comment and letting me know you enjoy my collages. The photo shows my blog on the computer, as I check in on my own posting (love reading your comments here), NOT a digital collage. Work is my day job, witch unfortunately is not doing collages all day. My collages are ALL handmade with old fashioned cut and paste, made on my free time – I promise! :-)

  6. You are so right about perspective. One of the reasons I am loving instagram is that I am able to see, with my own pictures, just how nice my daily life really is. It’s easy to overlook the colors and comfort of our daily lives. We are lucky. And no matter how many times you see that bathroom window structure, it is still a good source of pattern inspiration!!

  7. it’s so fun seeing what your everday life is like, your lunch looks delicious. You also have the best nail colors :)

  8. i love the peek into your thursday thru your lovely photos! it all looks so wonderfully bright and happy.

    i especially agree with you about the “cords” in our lives. i seem to always be fighting with them.

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