Collage: Freed from your Constraints
Freed from your Constraints

I think you guys agree with me that yellowed book pages are beautiful, because last week’s vintage edition got lots of comment love. This week I’m continuing with the same theme, but adding in more colour again. I can not stay away from colour for long, even though most of them are quite subtle this time.

Please let me know in the comments what you think, and if any of these collages are particularly interesting to you – and why that is so. The curious mind wants to know. Thanks in advance.

Collage: Mon Jardin
Mon Jardin

Collage: Raw Stare
Raw Stare

Collage: Dear Sunday
Dear Sunday

Collage: Uncut

Collage: Happy kitty
Happy kitty

Collage: Giggle Time
Giggle Time

These collages are created as part of my personal challenge to create 365 collages in 2013. Last week I posted week 36, next week I’ll post: Week 38. Stay tuned.