365 Collages | Week 36 | Vintage Edition

Collage: Simplified

I finished these collages last week, for my personal challenge to create 365 square art collages in 2013. I still love this project! Love love love.

I hope you like today’s collages, because I do. I would, as always, like to know if you find a favorite among these – and what about that collage you like particularly. Leave a comment, and make my day. Thanks!

Collage: Freedom

Collage: Noise in the Basement
Noise in the Basement

Collage: Dans la Presse
Dans la Presse

Collage: Vast emptiness
Vast emptiness

Collage: Retainable

Collage: Tita Aparte
Tita Aparte

I have a whole box full of book pages, saved from when I made notebooks from vintage book covers. I love the yellowed pages, the different fonts, the vintage feel of all these random pages. Combining them is easy – and such a thrill. The Vintaga Edition might be a favorite, with the birds too. Birds are always a good thing, messengers of happiness.

Last week didn’t get many comments, so if you missed week 35 it was paper patchwork week, another favorite way to make collages for me. Next week I’ll post Week 37. Until then I have a lot of photos to take with my new fancy camera, because I’m doing Week in the Life right now. Love that project too – a lot!

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20 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 36 | Vintage Edition

  1. linda says:

    I love these! the color, the texture, the lines–the birds! they are all so soothing and calming. The one with the purple is my favorite of this group, something about the lines just catches my eye. The final one is very intriguing.

  2. Jana says:

    Awwwwww – birds… I love what you came up with for your current collages. I always check on them – even if I don’t comment every time… :)
    I’m kinda jealous of those old book pages, Hanna ;)
    Cheers! Enjoy this awesome weather, if you can.

  3. Your collages are charming! I love the first bird collage because of the polka dots and pink strips. They add zing to a cute bird illustration. I also love how you name your collages. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my studio photos. As you saw there, I also like to make bird collages :)

  4. This might be my fave edition so far – I love the hide and seek of the layers and the addition of the birds is a great touch. Hard pressed to choose a fave but it might be the first one……love the sheer layers and simplified style. Really a stellar group!

  5. Missy K says:

    I love them all! The first one is my favourite…. I love the colours and the layers and of course the sweet (sparrow?) bird.


  6. Kel Rohlf says:

    I like “Freedom”…the illustrated bird, the graphing squares and the scribbles…I guess I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the structured lines and the freedom to “scribble” and then the scribbles appear to lead to the flight and happiness of freedom bird. I enjoy your joyful playing with collage.

  7. Kate Burroughs says:

    I love all the ones with birds. Love having a focal image and the birds are great! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Aloha, Kate

  8. raylee says:

    the first one…….i’m having a pink week, i like the bird & the composition…….august was a very busy month, but have been checking your posts!

  9. dawn says:

    Hello, I love all these so much! I think the first and last one are my favorite, if I HAD to choose. So awesome that you can come up with so many ways to collage each week. I also like that you name them, do the names come quickly for you or do you wait till a name feels right for you??

    I also love book paper, could decorate my whole house in it, ha! Thanks so much for inspiring and sharing with us.

    Was hoping you’d be sharing your WITL pictures here each day, are you waiting till the end?

    • iHanna says:

      Hi Dawn, thanks for your kind comments! I love naming my artwork, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it comes easily to me. I often name them when I’m scanning them and signing the back, from a word that comes into my head when I look at them or from words in the text used in the actual collage. :-)

      Glad you like the WITL photos, I am posting another pile of photos today!

  10. This is a fabulous collection Hanna! I love the layers of neutral, transparent papers. A favourite? If I must…Simplified. I’ve been out synch with my collages the last couple of weeks but am looking forward to getting back into it. I know the moment will come, esp with inspiration like these!

  11. zouzou says:

    As every week I love all your collages! My best this week is “simplified”, because I like pink, “dans la presse” is perhaps more mysterious for me as “Tita Apart”.

  12. anja says:

    such beautiful soft colours. love the ones with the birds. they remind me of my collection of beautiful birds pictures that i don’t want to use, afraid of losing them. and what a funny card ‘noise in the basement’
    365 cards are a lot, i’m far from it but i’m trying too now.

  13. Linda K says:

    your collages are all beautiful compositions but I’m especially drawn to the ones with the birds that use a variety of papers with graph-like patterns, scribbles and dots.

  14. Regula says:

    I absolutely adore “simplified”. Whenever you decide that to want to sell it… here I am!

  15. maryk says:

    love your collages this week. i like the first one the best because that pink makes that birdie just pop off the page. i also like the last one because it is very vintage looking. tfs

  16. Betsy says:

    I love this collection of collages. I really can’t pick a favorite. I do like the layers of Simplified and the simple shapes in Vast emptiness. My life has been too busy lately, but you inspire me to get back to creating some fun, simple collages. Thanks!

  17. Tammy says:

    A beautiful set, lovely play with typography and shape in your collages. I am so happy that you are still working on your 365 Somethings! I am too!

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  19. sazzy says:

    i am glad tricia steered me here….she mentioned your collages because she knows i love collages even tho i have yet to attempt one. these are all so wonderful!

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