365 Collages | Week 25 – Foxy Edition

Collage: Hidden in the Forest
Hidden in the Forest

This time we are heading into the forest…

I had a wonderful Cut and Paste Day yesterday (a whole crafternoon with my friend), and today I’m posting seven new collages, that are, quite frankly, rather foxy looking. I hope you like them. Please leave a comment to let me know which one of these you like best… I love reading about what and why you like a specific one – and I love looking at them again with your eyes. Thank you!

Collage:  Linger

Collage: Forest Fox
Forest Fox

Collage: Foxy foxy
Foxy foxy

Collage: Moving in or out
Moving in – or out

Collage: Crowded at Home
Crowded at Home

Collage: Homeless

Note that I have used some of my monoprinted paper (in gold and green) on the first collage. Thanks for all your advice on getting or making a gel plate. I think I need one!

I wish you all a Happy Glue it Tuesday!

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13 Responses

  1. What a wonderful term “crafternoon”! Love your foxy cards, and forest fox is my fave. How can you not love that fox & squirrel illustration – it makes me laugh in delight.

  2. I really love the first one – feels as if you are peeking out a window. The pinks/purples paired with green in “Linger” are fabulous, too. That’s a color combo I don’t think I’ve tried before. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy Tuesday, Hanna :)

  3. My favorite is “Hidden in the Forest” because it appears to be 3-D which is amazing!

  4. Love these!! My absolute fave is “Moving In or Out”…I just love the way you layered those two foxes on the top to look as though they are squeezing themselves right out of that collage! Very nice effect! Ahhh…what a nice “crafternoon” you must have had!

  5. Hidden in the forest is my favorite. I love the stripes of color that seem to hide bits and pieces underneath. The brilliant green draws me in.

  6. I need a crafty afternoon with my friend. I need to make me another gelatine plate (had to throw away the last one I made as it got all moldy and slimy). I DO actually collage though…. I love yours. I prefer the top one… the greens and pieces of monotype just ‘do it for me’, fabulous!

  7. I love “Hidden in the Forest”! At first I thought it was a photo taken of a window with some interesting curtains! I just love the whole composition and most especially the special touch of the little dots that go with the dotted paper and the circles on the monoprint paper! Great job as usual!

  8. oooh, foxes!!! Love this theme!
    I like “Forest fox”, because the retro look of the fox illustration in the center is very cute and well balanced with the other elements of the composition!

  9. I love the one ‘Hidden in the forest’…yes I love GREEN! and FOXES! I wonder how u managed to keep at this collage project for so long…don’t u get artist’s block every now and then?

  10. your project is actually in movement (evolution?) more figurative. I am in admiring of
    your work. I prefer “Hidden in the forest” because the dream is present and it’s what
    I prefer in your work. I like so” linger” but I regret that the flowers are not enough cut up
    in the details. Sorry it’s a little critical. I hope you understand my barbaric language.

  11. I like “moving in or out”! With the foxes not in one place but kinda scattered on the page. It’s fun to see the sheets all together and slowly watch the foxes take over. I guess the panda scared them all away… {:-Deb

  12. i like hidden in a forrest. it seems that you are getting different glimpses of outdoors all at once.

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