Glue Book where I Collect Happiness

Glue book: Storage and Frames

Last week I had fun writing a tutorial on how to Start an Inspiration Notebook, a kind of Glue Book where you collect things that inspire you. I hope you liked it and found your own inspiration to get started cutting and pasting images that you like.

Glue Book: Details I Like
The things that inspire me are things that make me happy inside. It can be a pattern, an item, a craft idea I would love to try (or just look at) or a painting by a known or unknown (to me) artist. Anything that makes me happy is glued down for safe keeping!

I thought I’d share a few spreads from my brown paper covered Glue Book #1 with you today. I think you might become inspired too!

Glue Book: Cute Patterns on Cute things

So, let’s see… What is it that inspires me? Shabby chic patterns with roses and other pink flowers. Pink armchairs. Pens, yarn, notebooks, embroidery kits…

Glue Book: Cups and Fabrics

Piles of things! I love the beautiful stack of handmade coffee cups and the basket filled with rolls of fabric.

Glue Book: Pink Spice & Flowers

I cut out book covers and fun illustrations that makes me smile.

Glue Book: Dots and Ideas to use

And I dream of making my own wind shim, in fabric or another material.

Glue Book: Castles and other's collected images

I love white walls or floors in combination with rainbow coloured pillows, blankets or carpets. Yum! What’s in your Glue Book? What kind of magazines do you buy?

Wishing you a Happy Glue it Tuesday!

12 Responses

  1. You always find so very very nice pieces… I love you inspiration journal – cool stuff!
    Enjoy the sunshine :)

    Cheers, Jana

  2. Your glue books are fun and full of inspiring and interesting images. Great resource for those muddled days when you can’t find your way.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Love, love your inspiration journal, you have inspired me to do the same, I have stascks and stascks of old House and garden magazines, I cant resist them when I see them in thrift shops for sale for only 10 cents.

  4. Scrapbooks like your gluebook are fabulous starting points for inspiration, all that pattern and colour! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m lucky, that I don’t have to buy magazines like House Beautiful – my girlfriend gives me hers. I did start a gluebook, and it was partly because of you (and a workshop that I was participating in). I do need to get to work and continue with my gluing! {:-Deb

  6. Oh, I could set up one of these books, but I just know that after I had everything glued in here, I’d be doodling all over it!! OR, I’d want the pictures for a different collage and it would already be stuck! I guess I could scan the page and use it that way… Okay, I may have to do this. I have so many clippings I don’t know what to do with them all!

  7. I’ve always kept an inspiration notebook/glue book, but I love the visual inspiration & ideas you’ve provided. . . . for those who are interested, there is a survey site called “Reward Surveys” where you take short surveys and get compensated with magazine subscriptions for free. I’ve gotten about a 10 free mags this way, which is great for the glue book!

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