I want to show you my doodled stones – before I release them back to nature.

Doodles on stone

There were extremely many stones featured in my last post and I think it’s because stones have been on my mind. These two I picked up a while back when I was out walking. I carried them with me back home and sat them on my table. Then I doodled on them, starting in the middle and going outwards and all around each stone, like a mandala drawing. I used a permanent marker with a fine point tip.

Hello dear stones
You could do a lot more with these, like colouring them first, painting them, sprinkle them with glitter, signing them with your street tag handle… But I wanted them to look like stones, stones that somebody had picked up and transformed.

When I was done, I decided to let them be free…

I went for another walk, a few days later, and re-release my doodled stones “in the wild”…

Street Art Light
A Stone set free (doodled stone by @ihanna)

It’s a very light version of street art… a gentle whisper version of graffiti.

Hello nature // Hej i naturen (doodled stone by iHanna)

Almost invisible if you don’t pay close attention.

Placing them back in their natural habitat felt good. I hope someone will take note of them, bend down to take a closer look – and smile.

Doodled stone by @ihanna #streetart

I hope they will make you smile. On my next walk I will pick up a few more stones.