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Faith and doubt are both needed – not as antagonists but working side by side to take us around the unknown curve.
Lilian Smith

Collage: Going Home Alone
Going Home Alone

I’ve been in a total Glue Flow this week! I’ve been experimenting quite a bit too, I guess it’s time to open up the wings a bit wider now. I did go back to an imaginary boyfriend image (Best Quality) but then brought out my watercolours and experimented with mixed media: collage and paint and pencil in combination. I hope you like it!

Please let me know which of these you like best – and why. I appreciate your feedback so much!

Going with the Glue Flow – flow of the glue stick

Collage: Morning C
Morning C

Collage: Best Quality
Best Quality

Collage: Follow a Path
Follow a Path

Collage: New Pathways Ahead
New Pathways Ahead

Collage: In Bed all Day
In Bed all Day

Collage: Deep Swing In
Deep Swing In

A lot of bright colours, right? Pink, green, yellow and orange. Yummy to me, but what do you think? I’d love to know.

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Have a great day my friends! Hope your Glue Flow is with you.

13 Responses

  1. Hanna, I love all of them. My two favourites are Morning C and pathways. Your work always inspires me. Thanks for showing us!

  2. I follow your collages day by day and I am so inspired by them. I did a couple of collages on cards as mail art….collage is a way of relaxing but it demands a different tensity nevertheless.
    my favourites are “best quality” so different and “going home for the unusal colouring together., But really I like these all :)

  3. Hi Hanna…I think you do collage and mixed media equally well. I really like the boyfriend collage and morning C! I say keep doing what you are doing :)

  4. I really like the colors in ‘Morning C’ and the design of “follow a path.” I guess if “Follow a Path” had been made in pinks, it would be my fave ;) ….’in bed all day’ is a great title, reminds me of the Cranberries lyric, “hit the town on Friday night, stay in bed til Sunday.” really great collages!

  5. I like everything you do! But most of all I like “Going home alone”. There is a direction and movement in the picture and it tells me a story.

    • Elisabet, tack för din kommentar på 365-projektet! Jag visste inte att du gillade mina collage så jag blev jätteglad. Tack!

  6. This week I love all your collages, I appreciate the new way of “New Pathways Ahead”
    you mixed collage and paint. Thank you to inspire us and me particulary , I am not abble to do like you but I try.

  7. I really love all of them, as usual! But “Going Home Alone” particularly caught my eye right away. I love all the green, the perspective on the building and the little bird. But they are all gorgeous! I love the colors you work in, they are my favorites too. Your work is so inspirational to me!

  8. Good morning Hannah!
    Your collages are lovely. I really like the bright colours that you have used, especially in Deep Swing In and Follow a Path. Your work is delightful and inspiring.

  9. I like Deep Swing In because of the complementary colour contrast between the focal point and the green background.

  10. I 1ove a11 of them, but I think my favorite is the New Pathways. I 1ove the 1ayers, the co1or and the penci1! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. “Follow a Path”. I love material on paper.I love lace,too on paper.
    But on this one; each piece of material is reaching across the paper to each other.

  12. Hanna, I love ‘In bed all day’ and ‘Morning C’ – I like the warm colors too. I recently tried my hands at collage and it’s so difficult! I’m always inspired by yours.

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