365 Collages | Week 28 – the Yellow Edition

Creativity blooms within limits. Too much freedom leaves me not knowing what to do with myself, but when my days are structured Ive given myself focused time within which I can be even more creative.
Jo Reimer

Collage: Giving it Away
Giving it Away

I think I love every single one of these collages! I think all of them say something of how warm and lovely Swedish summer is right now. Yellow is the colour of summer, and I’m loving it right now. And I still love this 365 Project oh so much!

Collage: In His Mind
In His Mind

As always I would love to know which of these collages you like best. Leave a comment to let me know what you like about your favorite, if any. Thanks in advance!

Collage: In His Window
In His Window

Collage: Match Me
Match Me

Collage: Sunshine Flowers
Sunshine Flowers

Collage: Sunshine Season
Sunshine Season

Collage: Tremendous

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8 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 28 – the Yellow Edition

  1. Tremendous and In His Window are my faves this week – I always enjoy your bold colorful style. And I’m still loving the challenge too –

  2. storybeader says:

    I think my favorite is In His Window. The colors blend so wonderfully. I have a hard time placing one image on top of another without it being very “unjointed”… {:-Deb

  3. I love “In his window”, too! :)

  4. zouzou says:

    All are so beautiful ! My best is “giving it away” and I love so “Sunshine,Season”.

  5. Betsy says:

    WOW, I love them all. I guess In His Window is my favorite. I like all the layers around the yellow blooms. And the green window frame is just so striking against the yellow.

  6. Chris says:

    I like sunshine season the best, and I’m not sure why. I think I love the contrast between abstract and photograph. I also love sunshine flowers because of the contrast between the vintage image of the woman (old), and the fresh look of the new yellow flower (modern). I think maybe contrast is important to me. These are all great, though. I like the graphic quality of your collages.

  7. Susan King says:

    They are all fabulous, but I especially love the way “In His Window” invites the viewer in through the window. I keep going back to that one so it must be my favourite!

  8. Another fabulous week of collages!! I love Giving it Away and Tremendous. You have some wonderfully fun papers!

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