365 Collages | Week 4 | Will I be able to catch up?

I started making collages again after a month of doing almost nothing. And I have to ask: Will I be able to catch up? It’s week 10 already, this equals 2 months and 4 days. We’re on day 63 of 2018, and I’m sharing collages number 22 to 28 today, that I made this weekend. Not sure how and if I’ll be able to catch up and still enjoy the process of making collage. But we’ll see.

For now here’s week four of 365 Collages in 2018:

Traveling - Collage 22 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Traveling, a collage by iHanna.

The theme is “catching up” or “random bits form my desk”, the later is one of my favorite ways to work anyway.

Secret recipe - Collage 23 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Secret recipe collage by iHanna.

The reason I’m behind is not laziness (this time), it’s because I was sick. I had the flu for about 10 days, but I was coughing and feeling weak quite a few days after that too, so most of February disappeared in a haze of reading in bed, not doing anything but feeling tired.

But I read some pretty awesome books that I can recommend you to check out. I read The Wrath & the Dawn and The Rose & the Dagger by Renée Ahdieh, about Shahrzad who volunteers to marry the infamous king who has killed all his many wives on their first night in the palace… Great and easy read.

The black-throated diver sings again - Collage 24 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
The black-throated diver sings again collage by iHanna.

Alluring Ant-lers Collage 25 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Alluring Ant-lers collage by iHanna.

I loved naming these collages. Some are puns, others might be hard to decipher the meaning of. For example, I think that the classic teddy bear has a rather timeless style?

Timeless Style Collage 26 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Timeless Style collage by iHanna.

When I glued down the sphinx image of ancient Egypt, I thought he looked a lot like a teddy – thus strengthening my thoughts of timeless toys. The collage below, Pet your man, is also making me smile, but that’s because I made the woman pet the man on his balding head in my instagram stories when I glued this collage down.

Pet your man collage 27 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Pet your man collage by iHanna.

Fun fact: The man that is being so lovingly petted is actually Johan Ludvig Runeberg (5 February 1804 – 6 May 1877), a Finno-Swedish lyric and epic poet that is dubbed the national poet of Finland.

Here are some more blokes, less known but still very loved (you might remember one as my imaginary boyfriend):

Did I forget to tell you about my twin? Collage 28 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Did I forget to tell you about my twin? collage by iHanna.

And that concludes this week’s journey. I’m not sure I should call it week 4 since it’s week 10 now, and I finished them last week? What do you think? Maybe I should concentrate on the numbers, so these are collage 22 to 28 of 365. Quite a bit to go then, right? Make sure you follow along, and please cheer me on?

Here are all this week’s collages together as one image, in case you want to pin it to your Pinterest board for inspiration:

365 collages Week 3 in 2018 by Hanna Andersson aka iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Pin it!

Thanks for being here, reading this and letting me share my artistic journey with you. Please tell me below in the comment section which of my collages you like best – and why. I’d love to know what you like, or dislike, about these.

This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna. Other Participants and Resources.

Follow the growing Pinterest Board 365 Somethings to see what the other’s are creating and sharing there each week, and the hashtag is #365somethings2018

Thanks for joining me and my fellow creators on this year’s big creative journey! Feel free to also check out week 4 in 2013 from back when I did a similar project in 2013.

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9 Responses

  1. I’m entranced by the sense of depth in Secret Recipe. The blurred quality of the picture of the stacked bowls puts it well behind the picture plane of the other items. The colors aren’t ones I would be likely to use, but they’re masterfully employed.

  2. My favorite is the Ant-lers collage. Love the colors, patterns and the way you assembled it.

  3. I really like Secret Recipe, as well! Baking makes me happy, so I already like the bowls, plus the bright pink and blue collage elements and neat postage stamp are icing on the proverbial art cake to me! Thanks for sharing these with us! Go, Hanna, go! Please be sure to continue to enjoy the process!

  4. My favorite is/are the “twins.” It’s not easy to combine a vintage image with modern graphics, but you did it beautifully in this collage. The red swatches are especially appealing t o me. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  5. Hang in there! Don’t focus on where you “ought” to be. Focus on the lovely work you’ve done. (I got waylaid by illness – my son’s pneumonia- so I understand how you feel.) It’s not about meeting a goal perfectly. It’s about the process. :)

    I looked at these collages over and over, and my eyes kept going back to Secret Recipe. Something about that coupon kept drawing me in and made me what to figure out a story behind it.

  6. I love all of them Hanna! I really love the humour in ‘Pet your man’, but the colours and composition in Alluring ant-lers (which is pretty funny too) and Travelling both speak to me as well. I’m sorry you’ve been sick! Glad you’re feeling better though – that’s the main thing. I think you could take some different approaches to catching up. You could remove your ‘sick days’ from your target and just allow yourself that time off. You could double up two or three days a week until you catch up over the course of several months. You could adjust your ‘somethings’ to include whatever you want to make on your terrific target paper (instead of collage you could do a mark making series and knock out a dozen or more in a day or two). Just some ideas. I am still having fun with my hearts! Xx

  7. This is a fine batch to start catching up. “Pet Your Man” is hilarious and probably my favorite. Vintage personalities, old tickets, different kinds of text – what’s not to like? I like the black-throated diver too, with the multiple stamps and pink and green elements. I hope you can have fun and not put too much pressure on yourself. If you were to do just one extra collage per day you would still catch up by summer.

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