365 Collages | Week 4

Collage: Lesson in being Crazy

The first collage, Lesson in being Crazy, is the +1 from week three. Then when the last day of week 4, Sunday, came around it was status quo, or rather -6 for the weekly goal of seven square collages!

It’s easy to get behind, but the weekly goal (7 collages) helps keep me on track. A set number is much more tangible than “make more collages”, and the time frame of seven days makes me know the when of when to make them. All this makes me really want to catch up. A few productive hours later and it’s time to sign, scan and upload the finished collages. I love the feeling of accomplishment this gives me.

Collage: Lessons in being Genius
Lessons in being Genius.

Collage: Wild Strawberry Fields
Wild Strawberry Fields.

Collage: Pink Thoughts I
Pink Thoughts I.

Collage: Pink Thoughts II
Pink Thoughts II.

Collage: In the Wind
In the Wind.

Collage: Partly like A Breeze
Partly like A Breeze!

As you can see, Sundays are good collage days!

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10 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 4

  1. Another stellar group of collages – although they’re each good in their own way, my fave is probably Strawberry Fields…something about the grid, squared lines. I’ve fallen a little behind but hope to find my muse and some time this weekend…..

  2. kissinia says:

    Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring! Mine are to be published tomorrow :)

  3. Leah says:

    I really like these – besides the last two, they seem like part of a set, maybe because of the bright pink? I could see 3 or 4 of them displayed together. Good for you for finishing all seven!

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    You are wonderful to be so disciplined ! But then you are right, having a system and a deadline can definitely help you stay on track !
    My favorite this week is Lesson in being Genuis. Those characters popping of the background really make me look deeper.
    Keep on collaging, Amazing Hanna !

  5. Andria says:

    Great fun! I like seeing your progress with this project.

  6. lee says:

    love all of those collages, great colours, they are beautiful

  7. Another great set of collages! I really like Lesson in Being Crazy. The colours are delicious!

  8. April Cole says:

    Beautiful collage pieces, Hanna! :]

  9. Carin says:

    Lots of fun new collages. My faves are Lessons in Being a Genius, and Pink Thoughts 2.

  10. I love the addition of the pencil lines on Pink thoughts I, and I could gaze upon Lessons in being a genius all night. I find that allowing myself to work in batches is keeping me on track with my goal, but I am so far behind in blogging about them!

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