My imaginary Boyfriend

Collage by iHanna: My imaginary Boyfriend - Copyright Hanna Andersson

My imaginary boyfriend, original art collage. Available. Sold.

I found this Swedish guy in a vintage book with lots of head shots of serious looking men. I think he is darling cute, with his big ears and his hair combed back with some grease. He is trying to look like a grown up even though he feels like a child on the inside still.

I decided to do a series of collages with this guy, and call him my pretend boyfriend, or my imaginary boyfriend. I’m not sure I need one, but if I did he might look like this guy… The text reads; Today my pretend boyfriend told me I don’t need to pretend any more. I bet he would say nice things all day long, and stroke my hair until I fell asleep at night.

Square collage 13×13 centimeters (5×5″), in the same series as Greetings from the forest.

Him again:

My imaginary Boyfriend
My imaginary boyfriend collage in a Ribba frame from IKEA.

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15 Responses to My imaginary Boyfriend

  1. Fanie says:

    Oh, how I love this, Hanna! :-)
    It reminds me a little of when I was a teenager and write down all the things I wanted in a boy. :-p
    It’s funny that your signature is in the “Approved by”. Love this! :-)

  2. Aly B says:

    I love this piece and the bright colors you’ve chosen!

  3. iHanna says:

    Thanks for commenting!

    Fanie, to have an imaginary boyfriend is probably a bit juvenile but also childish fun! ;-)

    Aly B, thank you too, all my favorite colours in this one. :-)

  4. corrine says:

    I like the idea of having a pretend boyfriend, then you don’t really have to keep him happy! This is great. xox Corrine

  5. Chris says:

    He looks like he might be cranky?

    I have an imaginary boyfriend who does a lot of charity work and movies and looks a lot like George Clooney.


  6. xinme says:

    I sent my daughter (13) the link to your post and told her THIS is the kind of boyfriend she may have ;)

    I love your art!

  7. malin says:

    it?s very wonderful!

    n?r jag jobbade p? Myrorna p? S?der, s? kom det in en man, och han s?g ut ungef?r som din l?tsaspojkv?n – j?ttetjusig! och till sitt stiliga friserade huvud hade han snickarkl?der, och det var n?nting med den brytningen som gjorde att det blev s? himla snyggt. den karlen fastnade i mitt minne!

  8. rachel awes says:

    this is just
    way to
    pitter-patter heart
    into full color
    (& getting your hair
    stroked at night!

  9. u2kitteh says:

    Aww, Hanna you are such a romantic!

  10. cyndee says:

    nice, i really like how you mounted and framed it.

  11. Kim Mailhot says:

    Your boyfriend is a hunk !!!! He looks great in the frame too. A true work of art ! Enjoy it, Lovebird. ;)

  12. malia says:

    This is so beautiful. What a fabulous notion. He looks so handsome in that frame (-:

  13. Zom says:

    He looks a little like Tom Cruise.
    I love pretend boyfriends, lives, careers, houses, planets, lives. It is so fun!

  14. Lay Hoon says:

    Cool !!
    I like your collage piece.
    The every pieces seems so matching in every corners !

  15. iHanna says:

    Thanks for commenting! Zom, he totally looks like Tom around the eyes – wow, I didn’t see that until you said it! *smiling*

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