Collage: The Possy
The Possy

My desk is so messy that I can hardly sit and work there. But I have caved out a corner at one of the short ends and there I sit with my glue stick in one hand and contemplate what bit of paper I’m going to glue down next! My favorite part of the day is around ten, when I sit with open windows and drink my coffee. The sun is blazing on my neck, and I listen to the radio or some music while I work with my art.

It’s week 31 of my collage project, and I’m keeping up with my goal of seven collages a week! Here they are today. I hope you like this rather diverse collection.

Please let me know in the comments what you think, and if any of these struck you as particularly special or interesting. It’s one of those days today (weeks!) where I could need some kind words. Thanks in advance.

Collage: Face Up
Face Up

Collage: Like A Kiss
Like A Kiss

Collage: Roam around
Roam around

Collage: Agreeable

Lots of colours above – happy colours and rainbows! Though the last two collages are “left over” from my play with typography in week 29 in black and white, when I was in a totally lovely state of creative flow:

Collage: Next Urban Foray
Next Urban Foray

Collage: Lost in Time
Lost in Time

Thanks for your visit!

Previous post in the series of 365 Collages in 2013 was Week 30. Next up will be week 32!

Wishing you lots of creative flow in your own projects!