Collage: In the Heart I
I love this project! Yes, I really do ♥ the 365 somethings project! How about you?

All my collages this week are Valentine inspired hearts, because, why not? Playful experimenting have been happening around here, influenced of course by Valentine month (week & Valentine’s day).

Collage: In the Heart III

Each heart is glued to my prefered watercolour substrate size 12,5×12,5 centimeters (4,9x,4,9″), signed and pressed.

Collage: In the Heart 4

Collage: In the Heart 5

Collage: In the Heart 6

Collage: In this Together

Collage:  In the Heart II

All of the posts in this project are tagged 365 in 2013 and all collages are posted in a special flickr folder if you want to take a look.

Thanks for following along with me on this project and super big thanks for all your lovely comments on week 5 collages! It’s the highlight of the blogging week to read them all!

Happy Valentine week!