+20 Creative Valentine Ideas

Creative Valentine Ideas List 2013!
Valentine is coming up! Time to think about love; and pink hearts, cute gifts and messages of love!

This is the perfect holiday to me. It’s short and sweet and spot on! To me Valentine is not just for romance and couples in love… I think of it as a celebration of love in a big way, all kinds of human love. The kind of love that should be “all around all year every day”… Sometimes it is daily, sometimes not (at all), but a special day for it is kind of neat if you ask me.

I celebrate my love of my family, my cat and my awesome friends! And of course my love of handmade things and creativity in general! And because I really enjoy putting together seasonal lists, like the Creative Christmas Idea List, I’ve made another one to inspire you all. Here it is:

Creative Valentine Ideas

  1. Make enough Valentine Postcards for everyone you know
  2. Hang a handmade heart over your bed to attract good thoughts
  3. Weave love into the things you create
  4. Calm down and send out love by follow along in a guided Metta Meditation
  5. Make a heart garland, you can find my pattern in the book Pretty Little Presents
  6. Get yourself a red notebook for passion writing
  7. Write a long long list where every sentence starts with “I ♥…
  8. Create some Valentine Doodles in your Art Journal and play with Valentine Symbols
  9. Become a Colour Lover and create a heart pattern
  10. Indulge in flourescent pink acrylic paint – and chocolate!
  11. Craft for a good cause
  12. Share a list of new blogs or all time favorites and send your favorite bloggers some love
  13. Send someone you appreciate a RAK on any day this month
  14. Cut out big heart shapes and call it art
  15. Buy yourself some fresh flowers to decorate your home!
  16. Make a fabric journal cover that includes a heart in some way
  17. Save Inspiration on Pinterest about Hearts or Romance (or Craft Love!)
  18. Maka a monocromatic red page or canvas this month
  19. Save all positive feedback and happy emails you receive in a document or a folder on your computer – print and read often
  20. Make an embroidered Valentine wall hanging for someone special
  21. Double click an instagram photo and ♥ it – just to show you like it/them
  22. Click the flattr button of a blogger you visit often that inspires you a lot
  23. Collect photos of Hearts (or any other symbol you document) in one big blog post to join Spotted Photo Theme (I’m posting mine the 23 of February)

Creative Valentine Ideas Button What do you want to add to a Creative Valentine list? How do you and your family celebrate? Let me know in the comments or write your own list!

PS I love you! And don’t forget Self Love and Celebrating Accomplishments throughout the year! It’s important to remember that we are all worth love! Being kind, giving (gifts), and taking care must include you too, not just others!

So be kind to yourself. Give yourself a gift, perhaps the gift of creativity and play – and take care!

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