January doodle: love pink

Today is Art Journal Friday! I’m sharing a few unfinished or half finished spreads in my current art journal. All inspired by #valentinemonth in one way or the other. But of course these colours and images follow me through the months… The colour of Love is truly iHanna colours not only in February.

The bluebird, a symbol of happiness, is back once more:

Art Journaling 2013: Hello Sweetheart
Please little bird, sing to me! I really need to hear your tunes right now.

I’m mixing a bit of everything (except collage) on this page! Watercolours, acrylics, pens, crayons, ink… Will continue to doodle and write too. And here’s a mandala, very heart inspired:

Art Journaling: Mandala Love
Mandala Love! Love the Mandala idea!

Art Journaling 2013
And another heart with lettering inside.

I wish you some doodle time/creative play time too! In fact, I’m sending you that time right now. Keep it safe until you can use it, but don’t wait more than two days or it will evaporate. Try using some of it today, I think you will find it time well spent.


PS: Some of my textile art, pink sweetheart, valentine amore and fluffy warm heart, is available in the shop. I will include a handmade collaged bookmark when they ship!