Trying out monoprinting

I’ve been watching a few fun videos about how to use a gel printing plate. I’m not sure what makes such a thing special or if it’s sold here in Sweden but I just imagined any surface where the paint wouldn’t stick would work… So I took out a big white piece of tile that I got in a class last year (as a working surface for melting stuff).

Then I rolled a layer of paint on top of the tile, using a brayer, made some marks and pressed a piece of paper to the surface. Hence – monoprinting I’m guessing it’s called. Love the result, especially this gold and green mix:

Green and gold monoprint
Yummy right?

Have you done any gel printing? Does your prints look like these?

A mix of leftover paint

Please let me know if you have experimented with this – and what I should try – or think about the next time I try monoprinting…

Monoprint with circles

It was fun drawing into the wet paint and then “printing” without knowing what the result would look like. I love that kind of serendipitous surprises!

Maybe I shouldn’t be so stubborn and just cave in and order a real gel printing plate? What do you think, do I need one? In the Gelli Arts video they only list that it’s durable and always ready as the two advantages over other surfaces… That’s it?

To get started, watch Jane Davies gel plate video for example.