Collage: Nature's Layers
Nature’s Layers

Hi again!
I hope you had a lovely Midsummer Celebration yesterday! We had the best weather here with sunshine the entire day. I went out by boat to enjoy the archipelago, watch others do the Little Frog dance and enjoy my own home made picnic food. Yum!

Today I’m posting another batch of collages the same week as the previous 7 collages (of week 23, pink edition)! And that means I’ve caught up! Yes, what a great feeling. My idea is to post my collages done this week (week 26 now) the following week. So look for week 25’s collages next week.

Please let me know in the comments which of these collages is your favorite, and why. Thank you!

Collage: Deep Inside of You
Deep Inside of You

Love that the fish is called Shy Hamlet! I’ve got such a poet inside of me for sure

Collage: Pearls of Summer
Pearls of Summer

Collage: Chicken Scratch
Chicken Scratch

Collage: Arti-Choke

Collage: Anemone at  Dusk
Anemone at Dusk

Collage: A Waffle Day
A Waffle Day

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