I’m always interested in trying new things as you know. And I love technique, cool software and everything that helps me with my mission to document the world, or at least my own world. Did you know I’m on a mission? I didn’t either until recently. More about that another time…

Garden gnome

When I started listening to podcasts I was raving about them and oh so badly wanted to start podcasting to inspire everyone. But the obstacle was the equipment and the language fear back then. And it might have had something to do with time too, I don’t know. But now its proved to be much easier (even though it sounds strange) for me to publish short videos, because I don’t even have to talk there. Sometimes what is easy and what is hard is a strange thing.

My first try is a short very boring movie with a couple of clips of my cat Smilla walking around in my parents garden that I filmed this week. Sunshine, apples (windfalls) and pink nose sniffing for birds, ears flapping for all the sounds outside. I personally think she is the cutest cat, but she is not much for action really… Sorry ’bout that!

She can not talk or say any funny words or even, like Nora the cat, play the piano, but who cares? I ♥ Smilla.

My first YouTube Film

Anyway, watch it now and tell me what you think:

She is adorable, right? Love the music too, found on the net. I just used dad’s camera to take a couple of clips and put it together in Windows Movie Maker that was on the computer already! Easy, only took an hour to make – and now I have a YourTube Channel called iHannaNow.

I can’t remember doing something this techie and having virtually no problem uploading it and making it work. YouTube is good, and so are my movie making skills. You just can’t see them yet in this movie, hehe. It’s kind of a test, but I’ll keep this one and probably do even more cat movies and who knows what else?