Week in the Life: commuting photos

Morning commute
Morning commute
My commute to work is by train. It’s a bit newer than these though. But I love grafitti, especially on ugly old trains. This is the one I went with this morning:

Morning commute

It’s A week in the Life: documenting my week with photos + words. I’m sharing a few of the morning cummute photos here. View it as a sample of my day.

Morning commute

I loved taking photos today! Knowing it was for this special photo project made it exciting and new to me. I thought my photos would be boring, but I love every single one (except the ones I’ve already deleted).

Morning commute

Morning commute
Morning commute
Morning commute
Morning commute
Week in the Life Project button I’m obsessed with taking photos of the ground and its patterns, the grids and lines of the world. I think most are interesting (even when dirty): floor, pavement, tiles, railway.

The first day of A Week in the Life was a good one – but I wish there would be more hours in the day. I want to do layout with these photos now (I think several will look good as diptychs). I don’t want to go to bed to sleep! But I guess I have to or else there will be no day #2 of this project.

Photos today: 125.
All of them taken with my pink Canon IXUS 115 HS, a sweet pocket camera that is easy to bring everywhere.

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5 Responses to Week in the Life: commuting photos

  1. Hagit says:

    Wonderful post! I love how you make it doable by posting photos (instead of layouts), and I love how something so simple tells a super-interesting story. Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration to do this myself.

  2. Marit says:

    Daily life comes with such awesome images… we just have to look! Glad YOU did that, I love the photos of your morning travel!

  3. Carin says:

    Great post! I love doing the 365 photos thing to really notice and appreciate daily life. I love looking down too. I found an awesome puddle last week shaped as a heart!

  4. urshula says:

    ooo, fellow train-commuter : )

  5. mad madge says:

    I am reminded of when I commuted in NYC. I lasted a year. Now I am back to greenery and nature. Thanks for reminding me that beauty is where we are, everywhere.

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