Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.
Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

Hello Kitty Deco tape

Maybe it was one or two years ago that I first spotted decoration tape online? I’ve never seen this Japanese stuff in any stores here in Sweden, so I was fascinated and interested. What could then be cooler than stickers on a roll? Cute little images that unwind forever? Fun that becomes longer and longer the more you roll out – and don’t finish in two seconds like stickers sheets does? Nothing!? Today I don’t think so anyway.

Tape is fun!

As I said in my post yesterday I’ve been collecting stickers since childhood. Thanks for your encouragement on making stickers of my own, I so want to sit down and do them today but I can’t! Maybe during the weekend? No, Monday!?

Deco friends
And I’m also getting more and more Hello Kitty obsessed. In a happy calm way I think, not in a obsessive I need to get everything Hello Kitty-way (at least not yet). I’ve decided that I am a Hello Kitty collector for real now. Previous years it’s been something that made me think of my childhood. Now it’s a decision and I like that. But just as I do with my owl collection, I won’t get everything or even close to that. I don’t even like half of the Hello Kitty stuff that is available, most of it is ugly or tacky to me. I like her plain in her red little dress! I will buy an occasional item when I want to give myself a gift.

Deco tape
The decoration tapes was just that, a happy gift to me because it’s winter and I work a lot. So I went to Etsy and found a supplies seller in Japan, then I went through all of her deco tape items and took my pick(s). First it made me feel silly but then I let that feeling go. Goodbye feeling stupid or childish – I don’t care!

I ♥ my deco tapes / plastic decorative tapes with yummy patterns!

Deco tape

I bought two kind of tapes. The cute Hello Kitty-kind and the kind that looks like lace (white and black pattern on transparent tape).

Tape is fun!

I’m not sure I will get totally obsessed with these tapes, but I’m happy about the ones I bought. Right now I don’t feel any urge to buy more, but if you ever see a cute one and want to send it here… hehe.

Tape is fun!
Spread in my diary trying out the deco tapes, except the white lace ones because they need some colored background to show up. It’s just so much fun to roll a tape out and make a page shine! I think everyone needs a roll of deco tape – now!

Decoration tape inspiration

I’ve spilled the beans. What’s your latest (biggest or most childish) obsession? ;-)