I used to write a crazy amount of book reviews back when I was editor or Sweden’s first (and according to me best and most awesome) book site (no longer online). I wrote so many reviews that I got tired of writing about books for several years, although never too tired to continue reading for fun, thank God!

Promarker pen with twin-tip

Regular visitors of my blog know I love reviewing books again, now on the topics of this blog: craft, art journaling and creativity. And sometimes I also write reviews of products, when I find something I would like to try out for myself. And this time, I had a huge need to try out some Promarker pens!

iHanna is trying out promarker pens for art journaling at www.ihanna.nu

I added them to my wish list and lucky for me I got them for my birthday this spring. Or maybe not so lucky, because I don’t really like them. Sorry to all the promarker-fans out there, but it has to be said, because I am honest like that. I know I’ve got a set of pale very subtle colors, and I might have liked more a set of vivid colors … but the main reason I am not a big fan is that they smell, and bleed. A lot.

Promarker pens

Since I mostly doodle in my diary, which has thin pages, I can’t really imagine when I’ll use the Promarkers for coloring… I like the Pitt Brush more, even though these work well on thicker watercolor papers. I manged to make this quick drawing with the Promarkers:

Promarker pen drawing

I really like pens that has dual points of the same colors, called twin-tip here. One end is a fine bullet nib for detailing and the other one is a wider, chisel shaped nib for colouring in larger areas. The larger one is too thick for lettering with though. The alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink can be used on a lot of different surfaces, like paper, card, vellum, acetate, glass, wood, metal and plastic. Maybe they’re more for crafts than for drawing in a notebook….

Though my biggest disappointment point is the smell of the alcohol! I guess my main lesson here is to be mindful of this in the future, because I’m really sensitive to smells… I will not to get alcohol based pens again any time soon.

Promarker pen drawing

Have you tried these pens, or similar alcohol based ones? What’s your thought on them?